The Top 7 Best Baccarat Tips to Win Big

Made famous by the James Bond movies, baccarat is a casino game that tests your luck and skills. You are likely to come across a baccarat table in all the casinos. This table game's plus point is that it is beginner-friendly for all players and has the lowest house edge of most card games.
While most game elements are based on chance, a little ‘baccarat strategy' would always come in handy. Today, we present some of the best Baccarat strategy tips to win. With these tricks, you will surely enjoy your baccarat game a little more and win substantial rewards.

Baccarat Tips

Keep the baccarat games short, and don't lose many times in a row

Unlike other casino table games, baccarat is a concise game. Most of the gamblers who play the baccarat game experience short victory streaks and then begin to lose. It is definitely a game of chance, and you are playing with real money. Considering this, it would be best to keep playing your games as long as your triumph lasts with your baccarat bets. Avoid being greedy at baccarat tables, or your bankroll will suffer. If you switch between player bets and banker bets constantly, ensure that the sessions are short every time. A good baccarat strategy is to spend about 15 minutes on a table and then walk away to other games or switch tables. This is one of the most important baccarat tips to help you win in a game of chance!

Check the wagering requirements and ‘commission on banker' for each table

Even though the commission on banker bets is 5% in most casinos and online casinos, it is not the standard for all baccarat games. Some baccarat tables will charge you a 10% commission or even a 25% on the dealer bet rewards. Besides this, you should also note the tie bets commissions. Most casinos offer a 9:1 or 8:1 odds; some casinos only offer a tiny 6:1 odds payout. In any case, you will have to check out the rules and payouts of each of the baccarat tables before you decide on a table.

Tracing patterns is not a great strategy for baccarat players to win more money

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It does not matter if you keep track of the winnings because it is not a good baccarat strategy to win games. At a baccarat table, you will notice that a few players keep a record of every round, that is, whether the won game was a tie, banker, or player. Some players believe that tracking these wins, even on baccarat online, will help them figure out a winning pattern and improve their winning odds. But this is not true and not a strategy that you should follow. Keep in mind that each event should be treated distinctly because they are equally random. Trying to trace a design is a great way to take the fun out of the game and is definitely not a player favourite. While you should try and predict the player outcomes and odds of winning, there is no foolproof method to win because, in the end, this is a game of chance.

Use the house edge strategy to place smart bets

When you play baccarat for the first time, you will notice that the banker bet has a 5% commission. Naturally, you will feel that this is not a good idea as it is not a profitable bet. But logically, the banker bet is proven to be a safer baccarat strategy despite the 5% commission on each baccarat game win. The lowest house edge of 1.06% on this bet makes it favourable for long-term rewards and money management of your bankroll as well. Statistically, the banker bet has a chance of 50.68%, while the player bet has 49.32%. This difference may look minor, but banker bets and banker wins may help you win attractive rewards, in the long run, using the house edge to your advantage.

The tie bet is the worst baccarat strategy

This is one of the best baccarat tie bet tips to win and keep you from making bad decisions. Any seasoned baccarat fan will advise you against the tie bet. The tie bet rewards may look tantalizing and even make you consider the bet on your games, but you would better bet on the banker. Keep in mind that these attractive rewards come with a catch. The odds of the tie bet paying you out are as low as 9%. You must have to be very lucky with your player hand to win this bet. But any pro gambler will tell you it is the worst bet you could make, even if you win a few times in a row. Losing this bet might potentially mar your bankroll, so it would be smarter to bet on the banker for that baccarat game.

The betting system does not depend on strategies, even in an online casino

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When you play baccarat and get the hang of the game, you might start believing that you have worked out a successful pattern or baccarat strategy. But again, this is not true, and you have to be careful because you are betting real money, and sometimes a lot of money. The victory pattern strategies you have worked out might help you with a short streak, but they will not work every time. Likely, your design would not prove successful in the long run and be your best bet. Just like we said earlier, each event is random, and all card games are not equal. You do not need to figure out some system, follow too many baccarat strategy tips, or keep notes about the players. Trust your gut, and you may win rewards and enjoy these casino games.

Strategy tips – Don't rely on beginner's luck

You might have heard of “beginner's luck,” where the new player wins loads of payouts in this game of chance. You might also have seen it in a movie like in James Bond or in real casino games where a total novice player wins high rewards in their baccarat game. The newbie barely has an idea of what he's doing, whether he is making a player bet or a banker bet, but ends up taking home millions anyways. These are the people who have real fun with these casino games and play baccarat without thinking too much about a baccarat strategy, such as by betting on the banker. So, do not overanalyze these betting systems and take your losses at face value. Your odds at winning a game of baccarat are already higher than any other card game due to its house edge.

Look for a table with fewer decks.

This is again one of the smartest and best baccarat strategy tips to win. Typically, the shoe at a baccarat table has eight decks. However, online baccarat has no real cards, so it is different playing baccarat there. If you are a smart player, there is a way to look for tables with 4 or 6 decks in the shoe. If you manage to find these tables, grab the opportunity as it can increase your odds of winning that baccarat game and increasing your bankroll. Seasoned players will play baccarat and mentally count the face cards to predict the game's outcomes to a certain extent. Interestingly, the most skilled players perform a trick (some would say it is a strategy) called “edge sorting” to surpass the house edge and steal the rewards.

Try it for free

If you are a complete newbie, it would be best to try out baccarat online for free on online casino sites to learn about money management and bankroll. Try to get the hang of the gameplay, learn about playing odds, finding out when best to use a player hand or banker hand strategy, as well as other betting systems baccarat strategy you can use to win your game. You can even try out your strategies and see if they work for you before spending real money.

Read up and learn about baccarat strategy tips to improve your game

Yes, as a player, you will need to account for all the ways you approach baccarat when you play at casinos or even online casinos. You can't learn all the baccarat strategies to learn from one article or play the game a few times. It takes constant learning to improve as a player, and there are other things you need to account for, such as money management.

FAQs on Baccarat

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Here are some questions that we are always asked about:

– What is the best strategy for baccarat?

In baccarat, the way the system is created, any particular hand is bound to win at some point in the game. Due to this, people tend to go with the Martingale System, which is used in gambling and trading currencies and other investments focused on the long-term.

Yes, this is a rather favoured betting strategy, but it is not meant for everyone as it carries some risk, which we will mention below. The overall baccarat strategy looks at how you can earn big money in the long run. As an Aussie player, what you want to do with this strategy is when you lose your last bet, you will need to double down on your next bet, be it for the banker's hand or the player hand. However, the banker bet is considered the safest even in this strategy.

Let's look at an example. Say you place a $5 banker bet on your first baccarat round, and you lose that bet. You need to do for the second bet to double it, again on the same hand to $10. If you happen to lose again, you should double it again to $20 on the same hand. You keep this going until you have a win and pocket all your winnings which would be a high amount seeing as you doubled the hand at every turn. Once you reach that win, you should revert to the start of this strategy and begin again.

This whole strategy is centred around winning the biggest bet you could inside the cycle you created. This will offset your losses as it taking advantage of the fact that baccarat was created with the factor that at some point, your hand is bound to win. Due to this, it has a very high success rate and can be highly beneficial for many baccarat players.

This strategy is not for everyone, as we mentioned, and there are some reasons for that. These are mainly that most people cannot afford to keep doubling their money like that until they reach a win, you may go past the table limit, which will leave you stuck with your losses, as well as the fact that some casinos don't allow you to use the Martingale system.

– How do I consistently win at baccarat?

There is no strategy available to bring you consistent wins in a game of complete chance like baccarat. No baccarat strategy can do this because it depends on your luck. Therefore, most times, following a strategy may not be the best way for you to win big in a casino.

As mentioned above, there are certain strategies you can use to help improve your chances, but even those are not foolproof and will cause you to have losses. The most you can hope for is a streak of a few wins, which can happen because of your luck and how the table is played.

– Is there any skill in Baccarat?

There was a time in the early days when the consensus was that baccarat is equal parts skill and equal parts chance. However, this has been completely disproven, and most people know now that it is mostly based on chance. However, a lot of people tend to play this card game because of its low house edge. Because of this, many wagers are placed both big and small, which can cause your earnings to dip or frequently rise as you play.

Keep in mind, as when you play on slot machines; you have around that much chance with baccarat. There is no arguing around this fact now than a few years ago. This is mostly due to the age of information and people researching for themselves rather than making choices based only on what a single person/company says online.

It can even be argued that the “skill” factor for baccarat came from the James Bond films. When a popular character is seen playing the game many times on TV, then it should be that his skills at playing the game affect each of them's an overall outcome. How else would he be able to complete all his spy missions if not for his amazing skill? This is the type of thinking that was around from before late the 2010's but has thankfully changed since then to how it is now.

– Can baccarat be beaten?

This depends on how you look at what ‘beating a casino game' means. Some would argue that if you place a bet and win once then quit, you have technically won the game. This may be enough of an answer to some. However, unfortunately, there is no recorded way of beating a game like baccarat for those who want more information. This is not to say that people haven't tried. Over the years, people have tried multiple ways to keep winning consistently and beat the game, but almost always, you will only see wins in the short term and not the long term. The best thing you can do is enjoy the game and the experience while trying to make some money on the side.

– Is this game purely based on luck?

Yes, it is. But this idea was altered some time back. It was the New York Times said in 2012 that “Baccarat is equal parts skill and chance”. Of course, when an established newspaper such as this puts out a segment with this caption, many people will read it and believe that what it is saying is true. This misconception that baccarat is based on skill came along to counteract the fact that it is purely based on luck.

We can't say for certain that this incident caused the view of baccarat to change, but it is definitely one factor that helped form this opinion. New York Times was a big headliner back then, and, probably, people were completely taken by their idea.

– Is this game really beginner-friendly?

Compared to other card or casino games, baccarat is not as complicated to learn. With a little time spent learning the game rules, you will quickly get used to it and enjoy playing the game in no time!

So, we discussed some of the pro baccarat strategy tips to win and even cushion your losses. There is no surefire way to win baccarat. But with the right strategies and limits with these baccarat tips, you can enjoy the game and make the most of it.

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