Luck Onscreen: 8 Best Gambling Movies of All-time

Looking for some gambling movies?

From James Bond to Deadpool, movie makers have featured betting, gambling, and games of luck in movies. The Casino Royale Bond movie indeed depicted a grand casino. Whereas Deadpool had a unique betting system (a.k.a Deadpool) in the dingy bar. Besides, we all know a movie or two, where characters are often engaged in poker or blackjack in a scene.

But it’s time to discuss some movies that are exclusively focused on gambling or casinos. Check out if you have watched these gambling movies!

The 8 Best Gambling Movies of All-Time!

1. The Gambler

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We will start the list with the obvious one. The gambler revolves around a University Professor who is addicted to gambling. As you might have guessed, the movie portrays all the serious downsides of gambling way too much. James Caan plays the protagonist, and he certainly knows his job well.

Getting back to the movie, the narrative moves ahead with Caan’s character borrows heavily, the debt keeps piling up, and the addiction becomes uncontrollable. The gambling addiction begins taking a toll on his mental health, pushing him towards self-destruction. The addiction reaches its peak when the thrill proves a threat to his life.

Regular gamblers will surely relate to the gripping tale, incidents, and of course, with Caan’s character. The movie delivers a clear message – stay away from addictions, or you will end up like this.

2. Casino


Another stellar addition to gambling movies is the 1995 gambling movie “Casino.” This movie might already be on your list, but the list would be incomplete without Casino.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Casino is centred on gambling in Vegas and how a few hands control it. You will see Robert De Niro in the role of the casino owner and Joe Pesci plays the eccentric enforcer who ends up jeopardizing their lives. Sharon Stone adds some irresistible charms to the movie, and the supporting cast is incredible. No wonder it’s a classic!

3. Casino Royale

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It just wouldn’t make sense if we count the Bond movie out of the list. With Martin Campbell in the director’s seat and Daniel Craig as Bond, the movie was undoubtedly going to be a classic.

The fast-paced narrative takes you on yet another Bond endeavour to take down another baddie. And this time, the baddie, Le Chiffre has a kink for gambling (poker, in particular). Of course, there is this iconic scene where the baddie and Bond go head to head at a Monte Carlo casino table. And let’s not forget that Eva Green adds her own flavour to the movie.

4. Rounders


How about paying your University fees with the winnings from poker? This is what Rounders will show you. The tale follows an entrepreneur who pays his college fees by rewards from poker! Apart from its unique take, the movie features a lot of famous faces and some outstanding performances from the cast. Matt Damon is the star, and Edward Norton also makes an appearance with John Malkovich.

The poker strategies and table chaffing will keep you entertained. The movie progresses towards a nail-biting, high stakes showdown towards the climax. It is Damon vs. Malkovich; find out who wins!

5. The Cincinnati Kid

The cincinnati kid

High roller vs. the beginner is the theme of The Cincinnati Kid. Steve McQueen plays the aspiring newbie, and Edward G. Howard plays Lancey, the expert high stakes player. Lancey decides to take on McQueen and underestimates him. Numerous distractions (including a pretty girl) try to throw the Kid off his path. The movie progresses to a showdown between the expert and the newbie. The stakes keep getting higher, and one of them emerges victorious!

6. 21


Math and probability sometimes prove more effective than luck. And 21 tries to depict it (in a not-so-good movie). 21 is based on some smart math that the MIT Blackjack Team deploys to beat the house. And the team does so successfully for a more than a decade.

21 has a good-looking, young cast with Jim Sturgess, Josh Gad, Jacob Pitts, Kate Bosworth, and Aaron Yoo. The movie gives a peek into some genius math and smart gambling. 21 is fun until Kevin Spacey is kidnapped and beaten.

7. Molly’s Game

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Molly’s Game is a thrilling gambling movie that stars Jessica Chastain in the lead role. She plays a successful skier until a near-fatal accident terminates her career. Molly Bloom then goes on to explore underground poker. The narrative shows us the rise of Molly as she begins hosting huge high roller poker events.

With Aaron Sorkin in the director’s seat, you can expect the protagonist to be sassy and cocky. But the characters are memorable, the movie is meaningful, and Molly is relatable. This 2017 movie is based on real events of Molly Bloom’s life, and this makes it even more thrilling to watch.

8. Croupier

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An aspiring writer in hopes of crafting a novel ends up becoming a croupier. The movie focuses on Jack, who in need of money, accepts the job of a croupier and comes across a gambler who has run out of luck.

For most of the narrative, Jack is an observer who depicts the lives of gamblers. Croupier dives deep into the gamblers’ minds and explores the anxiety and excitement they feel. But it also portrays the struggles of gamblers which leave you sad. Clive Owen is undoubtedly at his best in the shoes of Jack. This is a must-watch gambling movie.

All the gambling movies did not make it to the list, but we added some of the huge ones from across the years. We hope you got some interesting additions for your watch list!

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