Best Casino Games in Australia 2021

Do you like betting? If the answer is yes, you would be aware that the most exciting feature of the best online gambling websites is the range of casino games. 

The best online casinos work with the top software players like Novomatic, Playtech, and others to create realistic visual graphics and sound effects in a casino game. They also work hard to replicate the same odds as the land-based game versions. 

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Casino Games: Most popular online casino games in Australia

Three Card Poker

Counted as one of the first table game, 3-Card Poker is also very successful among punters in a casino. As the name suggests, this casino game is played with top players and the dealer getting 3 cards each; whoever has a hand with high value wins. Three Card Poker is comparatively simpler to master as compared to many other popular casino games. 

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In this casino game, players need to fold or raise before the dealer makes his call because you are only playing against the dealer. Both party's three cards are dealt face-down. The best strategy to play 3-Card Poker is to fold all hands worse than 6, 4 and Queen and rather play all greater hands. 

If your dealer has a better hand, he collects both the play and ante bets. However, the player gets back the wager amount when the dealer holds either Jack-high or worse. On the other hand, if the dealer's hand comprises Queen-high or something better and the player has a better hand, the ante and the play wager are paid out to both in a 1:1 ratio. 

Progressive Jackpot

This one here isn't essentially an online casino game variant, but a payout variant featured in ample casino games from time to time. They mostly include pokies/slots and video poker. However, there are online casinos where you will find versions of multiple games like roulette, sic bo, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker and Bad Beat jackpots, to name a few. 

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Does every player have access to a progressive poker jackpot? The answer is No. Only those betting the most credits per game round is offered this jackpot play.  

The higher the credit wager requirement of a game, the better is its progressive jackpots level. For instance, if you find that a 10-credit wager qualifies for the jackpot, the amount of the progressive poker jackpot will advance to greater levels than a lower credit wager. However, it is essential to mark that the jackpot advances very little per play and is always set by the house. 

Crown Hold 'em Poker

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Crown Hold 'em offers the thrill of playing against the dealer and is played with a deck of 52 cards. It follows the same rules as standard Texas Hold 'em with the best hand of cards. This popular casino game is one of the best versions of poker & is considered an excellent option for beginner-level gambling with real money with basic traditional poker rules. It is also played annually in the Main Event of WSOP. 

Coming to the rules, Texas Hold 'em involves 4 betting rounds. Each player has distributed two pocket cards, followed by the reveal of five community cards. The bets are placed after the hold cards are given out and then in the rest of the three rounds after revealing community cards. 

Players find and make the best poker hand combination to win with the 5 cards like Four of a Kind, Full House, Two Pair or Royal Flush. Check the house edge before making a deposit.

Vegas Star Roulette

Online Roulette is the best internet table games with a wide range of bet types. It has a reasonable house edge which makes this game highly popular among users. 

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Vegas Star Roulette is similar to its traditional version but you'll enjoy it to the fullest. The only exception is that players need to place the bet on the screen, and a random number generator decides the results. The odds of winning the game are the same as traditional roulette. 

To get on-screen credits, you first need to insert the notes or coins. Later, you get to place a bet during the session. You need to hit the spin wheel and wait for lady luck. The results come up on the dealer display screen. Each player will see the winning bets on their respective terminals; the credit meter will increment accordingly. 

If you see a discrepancy between the results displayed on the player terminal and the main display screen, the payout will be made based on the player terminal. The next game round only commences when the first-round results are out, and all payment has been cleared. 

Online Casino Game in Australia FAQs

FAQ 1: Are online casinos in Australia legal?

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Licensed online casino owners can only offer online gambling services in Australia. It is essential to learn that you are dealing with a legitimate online gambling website licensed by a reliable authority like the Malta Gaming Authority of Curacao Egaming and more. 

Moreover, even though there are licensed online casino operators, some online gambling products are banned. 

FAQ 2: Are Australian online casinos rigged?

It is true that not all online gambling sites are fair. However, those that aren't rigged have both their games and software tested periodically by independent experts to ensure the casinos are fair. You can look for test certificates on official websites and reviews.  

FAQ 3: Do I need to pay taxes on my winning amount?

It depends. You will be taxed on your wins from online casino games only if it is your primary source of income. 

Play Real Money Online Casino Games in Australia

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It is no surprise that Aussies love to play casino games, which means they would also love to learn and play them anywhere. That's where the mobile device casino game come in handy. Several online casinos in Australia and Las Vegas offer a mobile version to make it more convenient for players to play legally on the go. 

While many Australian casino apps offer a wide range of free gaming options for the players, others allow casino games for real cash. In fact, people increasingly depend on mobile casinos for a real money casino-gaming experience in today's fast-paced life. Making a deposit is easy once you know the house edge.

Better than the instant-play option, using these apps help players to access the top casino games within the blink of an eye. Most of the real-money mobile casinos offer advanced built-in banking and security facilities. Thanks to technological advancement, online casinos now provide excellent mobile app experience either through dedicated mobile sites or apps. 

Casino Games: Legal Australian Online Casino Offerings

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Fast Payout Australian Casinos Online:

As much as it is fun to play online gambling games; it is equally frustrating when you have to wait to withdraw your winnings. Finding a reliable and fast payout Australian online casino goes hand in hand with your plans to gamble online. Check the reviews and the house edge of the games before you try to make a deposit.

After all, it's your hard-earned cash that you're betting with, and a casino that doesn't pay your winnings quickly is not worth your time. Look for online casinos with multiple real-money withdraw options. You may try to use the available information on the casino games and see if the bonuses offered on the roulette wheel, baccarat, and blackjack are up-to-date.

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Best Casino Bonus Codes

When you are signing up for a popular gambling site in Australia, you may go through all the information such as the terms and conditions of every aspect of the online casino games and machines, including bonuses. The most reputed online casinos offer the best experience with big bonuses available on a spin. 

However, the bonus codes are prone to constant change. Thus, players need to keep a constant watch to access and use the best casino bonus codes to play with added benefits. 

Live Casino Hold 'em

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The best legal Australian online casino games offer the most popular table games such as Hold 'em which you can enjoy. In the live version of this game, you deal with a live dealer and play against him, and try to make the best (5-card) poker hand.

Live Three Card Poker

Like live casino Hold 'em, Live, one of the most popular online gambling sites, also provide three Card Poker. Live 3-card poker is always available and played with a single standard deck of 52 cards. 

Casino Games: Gambling country restrictions

The online casino gaming legislation and restrictions are quite complicated in Australia. The countries gambling activities over online gaming sites are not regulated by one overseeing statutory body. Rather, they are regulated on federal, state and territory levels separately. The regulatory bodies for different regions of the country are mentioned below:

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  • Licencing Commission oversees the Northern Territory
  • The Racing Commission and ACT Gambling regulate websites in the Australian Capital Territory. 
  • The Tasmanian Gaming Commission is responsible for the territory of Tasmania.
  • The Department of Gaming, Racing and Liquor of Western Australia, New South Wales territory and Victoria are currently regulating the operating casinos in these regions.
  • Online casino in Queensland is regulated by the Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation.

Moreover, the restrictions levied by the Interactive Gambling Act relates mostly to online gambling service providers who run the websites. There is no restriction on these online casinos. 

Casino Gaming Rules

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As far as gambling's promotion and conduct are concerned, the Australian government puts a few general prohibitions across all its jurisdictions. Non-licenced online casinos are strictly non-operable as per the rules of the Australian government. Having said that, there are a few gambling activities that have legislative exemptions when run under a legit license. 

Exempted gambling activities are as follows:

  • Sports betting & wagering on online websites and in land-based casinos
  • Lotteries (both online and venue)
  • Electronic gaming machines like pokies, aka slot machines (in venues only)
  • A land-based casino that offers games like blackjack, video poker, baccarat and many more.