Crazy Four Poker Rules: How to Play like a Pro?

How to play Crazy 4 Poker? What are crazy 4 poker rules? Have you wondered why there are only 5 cards in a gambling game? Because that is the most straightforward kind of gambling game that newbies can get the hang of. Due to its ease, 5-card draw gambling variants got picked up by the casinos and were popularized widely.

Nonetheless, there are other varieties of poker that do not follow the five-cards trend. Some pokers use a seven, four, and three-card poker. And the 4 poker rules need you to make a good gamble hand with 4 cards. Read more about this, 4 gamble game. We have created a quick guide, just for you!

What is Crazy 4 Poker Game About?

First things first, what is the ultimate goal of crazy 4 poker? We can put it in a simple one-line description: Assemble a good 4-card poker! How does the game happen? It’s simple, you are dealt 5 cards, and you have to keep 4 cards that make up a great bingo combination. The great hand beats the dealer’s hand in a gambling strategy.

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Roger Snow was the genius who came up with the 4-card game. ShuffleMaster introduced this new poker in 2004, and today, it is played in almost every casino. If you’re a novice gambler, you can try this variant before playing other types of gambles. This is one of the easiest forms of the best four-card poker hand which is simple to understand and fun to play.

What are the Crazy 4 Poker Rules?

You should know the ranking of the hands to play during the four-card poker.

The ranking from lowest to highest is as follows: 

  • 4 singletons
  • Pair
  • Two pair 
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind

And now, let us get to the crazy 4 poker rules.

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The game is somewhat similar to three card poker; just played with 4 cards. Of course, just like other pokers, this canasta also involves some strategy and mind play.

As the game progresses, the suspense keeps building up. And to win, the player needs to hold higher-ranking cards. So, a player requires a 4-card straight, flush, or straight flush combo.

How to play Crazy 4 Poker:

Let's strategize…
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  1. In 4 hand Poker all the players, as well as dealers, get 5-cards each.
  2. The players begin the game placing equal bets for Ante and Super Bonus. You can even go for the Queens Up Side bet when the game is just taking shape.
  3. After this, you are dealt five cards. The dealer takes five cards for themselves too.
  4. You review the cards and decide whether you wish to fold or raise them. If your 4-card hand is lousy, you fold. And with fold, you lose your bets.
  5. Once you’ve decided whether to fold or raise, the dealer's card is qualified if there is a king-high.
  6. When the dealer gets qualified or, in other words, has a king-high, the player hand and the dealer's hand are compared, starting from the right of the dealer. If the dealer doesn’t get qualified, the ante bets win.
  7. The ante and the play bets win when the dealer’s hand loses. If the dealer opens and wins, the Ante and Play bet loses.
  8. To raise, you have to make play bets. This play bet can be up to three times the ante bet if they've pair of aces or better. If you have an awesome hand (which you believe can beat the dealer), then go for the 3x. But if you are not confident, make a bet equal to the original ante bet.
  9. After folds and raises, the dealer divulges his cards and makes the dealer’s hand (which are the dealer’s best cards).
  10. Compare your hand to the player's hand. If you hold better cards, you win the bet!
  11. Smart Strategy: Raise with a pair of aces or higher whenever you get a chance. Next, make a little less raise with K, Q, 8, or 4 as it suits you. This K Q strategy will also aid you to increase the house edge.

Bets In Crazy 4 Poker Rules: The Ante, Play And Super Bonus Gamble

Three of a Kind Bets:

How to bet in Crazy 4 hand gamble? What are the bets available? This section will take care of these queries. If you’re new to this gamble variant, knowing the bets will help. It’s almost similar to all types of craps. So, if you’re a newbie, this will help you understand other variants easily.

The list below follows four bets beginning with the Ante Bet, Play bet in the middle, and ending with an optional Queens Up bet.

The Ante Bet

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You place the ante bet before the round begins. This is the original bet. If the dealer does not open, it is a push. If the dealer opens and you have a good hand, you win the ante. But, if the dealer has the better hand, you lose the ante. And if the hand's tie, it’s a push.

The Play Bet

You have to place a play bet after you decide whether you want to fold or raise. If you decide to raise, you have to make a play bet to keep playing. For this bet, if the dealer does not qualify, you win even money on the play bet. If you have a better player's hand than the dealer, you win, and if the dealer's hand beats you, you lose. Again, if the hands are tied, it is a push.

Super Bonus Bet

In a Super Bonus Bet, the player places a bet at an equal amount of the original bet (i.e., ante bet). During the super bonus bet, you win if you hold a straight or better. You also win this bet if you hold hand less than a straight. You lose this bet if you fold or lose to the dealer in the super bonus bet. However, you win the Super Bonus bet if you hold a straight but lose the main round.

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Super Bonus Pay Table    Pay Table

Straight                                       1 to 1

Flush [or Flush 1.5]                     3 to 2

Three of a Kind                           2 to 1

Straight Flush                            15 to 1

Four of a Kind                           30 to 1

2 Pair of Aces or Better             200 to 1 [i.e., four Aces 200]

The pays for the Super Bonus are based on the pay table mentioned above.

An Additional: Queens Up Side

Queens Up Side is a free side bet. To win this bet, you need to hold at least a pair of Queens or better ranking cards. The dealer’s hand has nothing to do with this bet. But it is the player's hand against the pay table.

Queens Up Pay Table Pay Table

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Pair of Queens or Better             1 to 1

Two Pair                                      2 to 1

Straight                                       3 to 1

Flush                                           4 to 1

Three of a Kind                           9 to 1

Straight Flush                             30 to 1

Four of a Kind                            50 to 1

This side bet follows the above-mentioned paytable regarding payouts.

Some Crazy 4 Poker Strategies to Help You

Knowing the basic rules is not enough. You need to use the right strategy to win big. If you know ‘Four card poker,’ you can apply almost the same strategy here as both are similar.

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  1. Raise only if you have a strong player hand. You should raise more if you get a pair of Aces or higher cards. If you are not so sure about your hand, do not raise much.
  2. If you have a really lousy player hand and you know you will lose anyway, then just fold..
  3. If you get cards like King, Queens, Eight, or Four, then raise only a little (the lowest raise possible).
  4. Note that you are against the dealer and not other players. This game is played using six decks.
  5. Lastly, don’t get carried away if you’re winning or losing every game. Set a time limit and be a responsible gambler.

Crazy Four Poker Hands Ranked

The highest hand is the 4 of a kind, followed by a Straight Flush. The lowest hand you can get is 4 singletons. The rest of the hands go Three of a kind, Flush, Straight, Two Pairs, and a Pair from high to low. Keep in mind that two pairs always triumphs one pair.

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For instance, a pair of queens will be conquered by two of the same.

Concluding Thoughts

With a house edge of 2.75%, crazy four pokers are one of the easiest gambling games to play. The 4 Poker Rules are simple to follow, and that makes it a favorite among beginners. Even experts can have fun with this gamble. You can head to the Australian online casinos and try this out yourself!

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