How to Play Poker Slots: A Quick Guide!

How to play poker slots? Poker has been an inseparable part of Australian casinos and gambling ever since one can remember. Poker is prevalent in many forms like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Seven-star stud, and more. Poker slots or Video poker is another popular form of poker where your luck and skills are tested. 

So, how to play poker slots? Before we get on to some simple, beginner’s tips, let us know what poker slots/ video poker is.

Video poker or poker slots is a poker game that has fixed odds and a five-card draw. You can easily find video poker at most of the online casinos. You will even spot a terminal for poker slots at real casinos. However, despite the “slots” in its name, poker slots do not entirely rely upon luck. They need skills like any other poker game.

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How to Play Poker Slots: A Quick Guide!

1. Know the types

Just like the good old poker, video poker comes in a variety. If you browse through the online casino sites, you will notice an array of vivid video pokers. Some casino websites even feature live dealers. However, the most straightforward type is the five-card draw. And if you are a beginner, you should opt for this game before advancing to other variants.

Other types include –

  • Jacks or Better

Just like the name suggests, a pair of Jacks or better cards might help you win big at this game. So, if your hand has two jacks or better cards, you win! This is a common type of poker slots that you can play at any top casino sites.

  • Deuces Wild

In this variation on poker slots, you can substitute the twos for any card of your choice. This enables you to form a better hand. 

  • Crazy Eights

Crazy 8s is similar to Double Bonus. Except for the fact that the 8s are of greater help here. Additionally, the payouts are also different from the Double Bonus.

  • Double Bonus

This is similar to Jacks or Better, just with a twist. If you manage to get four aces in your hand, you are in for a payout!

  • Double Double Bonus

Just like Double Bonus and Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus gives you a payout for four-of-a-kind.

Additionally, there are some other lesser-known variations of video pokers that you can check out online. The basic five-card is explained below.

2. Steps involved in playing a hand

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Let us first know what exactly the five-card draw game is. Basically, the player is dealt with five cards, just like the name suggests. Out of those five cards, the player can keep whatever cards he wants and dismiss the rest. You receive new cards after you dismiss the remaining some of the cards.

Here are the steps on how to play a hand. You will understand it better when you start playing yourself.

  • First of all, deposit the required amount in video poker.
  • Then place your bet.
  • You will receive your five-card hand after you hit ‘deal.’
  • Check out the cards. Keep the ones you want.
  • You can dismiss the cards that you do not want. You can negate all the five cards.
  • After this, you will get the dismissed cards replaced.
  • If you are lucky, you will get a reward! The rewards are based on the paytable.

3. Always check the paytable.

You should always go through the paytable before betting for any casino games. In the case of poker slots, the paytables can vary a lot. In fact, poker slots can be classified into two kinds based on the payouts. There are Full-pay and short-pay video pokers. Some of the full-pay slots give up to 99% returns.

You will notice some video pokers that advertise more than 100% RTP (Returns To Players). But you should note that these returns are based on players making mathematically accurate decisions for every turn.

The paytables can be easily accessed while playing. Usually, they are located in a game’s ‘i’ tab. Do not bet before checking this table out.

4. How to win at poker slots?

poker strategies

All the casino games, whether online and offline, are majorly based on luck. There are no proven ways to win them. Similarly, there is no surefire method or tricks to win at poker slots. However, there are a few things that you can consider to improve your chances of winning and making better decisions.

  • Always go through the paytable and place the most advantageous bet. Go for the video pokers that offer a decent RTG.
  • Next, you can give each poker hand a careful thought before making any move. You will have to practice making mathematically logical decisions to beat the poker slots.
  • Practice regularly. You can get better and faster at making optimized math decisions over time. 
  • Make smaller bets at the beginning. Do not jump to higher bets before you get well acquainted with the game.
  • Never place bets that will cost you more than what you can afford to lose. There is no guarantee that you will win big at poker slots or any other casino game. 

So, this was about ‘how to play poker slots,’ and we even explained the types and discussed tips. As you might have noted that poker slots are easy to play once you practically do it yourself. Do not forget to compare the payouts before you go ahead and play.

Besides this, many casinos offer free video poker versions for you to practice (note that they do not payout if you win because it’s just for practice). You can then head out for real money online casino versions.

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