How to Play Progressive Pokies?

There is little difference between other pokies machines and progressive pokies machines. In any case, you have press buttons and try your luck. However, the working of the random slot machines and progressive ones is a little different.

If you are new to the world of gambling, then questions like – what is progressive jackpot pokies? How to play progressive pokies? Am I likely to win big at them?

And, we are here to explain all these questions in detail. By the end of this article, you will know how progressive slots work and make wiser bets.

1. What are Progressive Pokie Machine?

how to play progressive slots

We all know what a pokie machine is and what it looks like. And progressive pokie machines look no different. The reel halts are random events. A simple slot device has three reels and a pay line. The modern versions, however, are more complex. Some of them have five reels and an overwhelming display of multiple pay lines. Additionally, you need to place bets on all those lines.

Most of the machines, online and offline, are controlled by the Random Number Generator. The reels are just there to give the vibes of original slot machines. Unlike other pokie machines, the jackpot in progressive pokies is HUGE, making them a favourite among gamblers.

2. How do the Progressive Pokies work?

The random pokie machines give payouts randomly to whoever wins. But the progressive pokies have a jackpot that keeps piling up until somebody wins and takes home millions. A small portion of the bet goes into the vast jackpot for every use, and it keeps getting bigger. Additionally, you will notice that the bigger the jackpot reaches, the lower will be the paying tiers.

how to play progressive slots

Typically, you will spot these three types of progressive pokies.

  • The Standalone Progressive is the kind where the jackpot is limited only to that specific machine. With each bet, the jackpot increases only in that machine exclusively. So, the more the machine is used, the bigger the jackpot gets.
  • Then we have Local Area Network Progressive pokies in which multiple pokie machines are interconnected within the casino. Whenever any of these interlinked machines are used, the jackpot grows. Think of this as a β€˜shared jackpot.’
  • And lastly, there is the Wider Area Network Progressive jackpot. In this, multiple pokie machines at various locations are interlinked. Obviously, the jackpot is an unimaginable amount as numerous players across different locations play it.

What happens when someone hits the jackpot? The answer is straightforward. The winner walks home rich, and the jackpot is reset. It starts again at the original amount and begins piling up.

3. How to play progressive pokies?

And now for the million-dollar question – how to play progressive pokies? The answer is – place your bets, push the button, and hope to win enough money to retire early!

The progressive pokies are just like other slots. If you are facing difficulties in getting the hang of the process, we recommend reading about pokie machines. You will have to read about the betting systems, types of pokie machines, payouts, pay lines, and volatility.

4. Are there any magic tricks to win progressive pokies?

how to play progressive slots

No, there are no special strategies or tricks that will help you get that big jackpot. However, we have a few tips to offer. You might want to go through them before going ahead and betting big.

  • Find the right machine. Yes, some progressive pokie machines require a minimum bet in order to play. If your budget is not that flexible, do not put all your money on just one progressive slot. Always check the paytable before you make a move.
  • If you are on Local Area Network Progressive slots, make sure you switch machines after a few spins. Mostly, progressive pokies are not β€œloose machines.” But switching the devices might work in your favour a little. This is a much-debated question. Some gamblers will advise you to stick to a machine.
  • Take it slow. By now, you might have a fair idea that the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are pretty slim. You do not want to lose all your money on just one pokie machine. It would help if you play a little slower and keep your bankroll in check. The best way would be to decide upon a number of spins, for instance, a 100, and stick to that.
  • Set limits before you start to play. Spins and slots can be fun, and you can get seriously addicted. Unknowingly, you might end up spending a ton of money and a lot of time on pokies. And progressive pokies will empty your pockets even faster. It is advised that you determine a border and stick to it. Do not bet more than you can afford.
  • And lastly, do not keep unrealistic expectations. Winning that massive jackpot can indeed sort your life out. But the probability of you (or any other person) winning that jackpot is very low. Interestingly, it is more likely that you might win some rewards at random pokies or even at table games.

We tried to satisfy your queries like – what are progressive slots? How to play progressive pokies? And we hope you found this quick guide helpful.

The reason why Progressive pokie machines are popular is that they can take you from rags to riches. You can make millions just pushing some buttons and your luck. Do not forget that other casino games have paid enormous rewards to winners. Other than this, all these games rely upon luck, and there is no proven method to win.

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