How to Play Rapid Roulette?

You might have heard of rapid roulette and might be wondering what exactly rapid roulette is? How to play rapid roulette? You might see different explanations about what rapid roulette is. So, typically, it is a roulette wheel (just like any other roulette wheel) that has several betting terminals around it. The only difference is that you place your bets through a touchscreen terminal provided to you. 

And just like roulette, you cannot make bets after the wheel starts spinning. Cross-reference roulette system is the best form of rapid roulette that you can find. It is similar to ‘no lose’ roulette system. Interestingly, the players benefit more from the ‘losing system’ based roulettes than the casinos.

Many of the casinos prefer rapid roulette as they consider it as a good use for floorspace. And the floor space is directly linked to the profits. Considering that chain of thought, pokies are the most efficient for occupying floor space. But obviously, a casino full of pokies would never attract the crowd, and not everyone likes pokies. So, the casinos need to offer other games as well.

In any case, we are about to take you through a quick guide on how to play rapid roulette. We will explain all the technical jargon along with rules and some tips!

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How to Play Rapid Roulette!

Before we dive into how to play rapid roulette, it should be noted is that the process and strategies might be different depending upon the place where you play. But basically, you will be seated facing a screen, tapping buttons, and managing your bankroll. 

  • Your bankroll will show up on the screen where you will be betting. 
  • You have to choose the size of your bet then and make bets on the virtual roulette table.
  • Simply put, you will be doing everything that you do at a regular roulette except this is a more digitalized form but the wheel is real.

Meanwhile, many casinos that offer rapid roulette have about 30 seats surround an enormous TV screen and have no real roulette wheel. This may be a little disappointing for a roulette fan as the whole setup appears like a colossal pokie machine. 

However, the vivid graphics and features seldom fail to attract the crowd. Additionally, there is no harm in giving rapid roulette a shot.

How to play Rapid Roulette: The Rules

how to play rapid roulette

Just like we discussed earlier, rapid roulette follows the exact same rules as regular roulette. However, here is a quick rundown of the steps involved. 

  • The players place bets using the touchscreen.
  • The ball is thrown on to the wheel.
  • When it starts spinning, you cannot make bets.
  • The ball halts on a number on the wheel. 
  • The winners who had bet on the winning numbers, sections, or series are rewarded.

The only difference is that rapid roulette is played on electronics, unlike the traditional roulette. It should be noted that the wins are determined by a real roulette wheel as it retains some of the original fun. One of the reasons why the real wheel is retained is because many players believe that the chances of winning at a machine are less. But with the changing technology, the wheels are being replaced by the virtual versions. 

In any case, if you are a roulette fan, then make sure you are acquainted with the math behind roulette to add to your knowledge!

Some Rapid Roulette Tips!

how to play rapid roulette

Firstly, you need to get familiar with the rules of roulette and learn how to play rapid roulette. Then, you can move on to these tips.

  • If there is no real roulette wheel, then do not opt for that game. The wheels are not physically there and cannot be trusted much. Many a time, the rapid roulette offers a live wheel on the screen.
  • Let us just admit it that a roulette without a real roulette wheel is a pokie machine. And obviously, you cannot beat the machine. So, if you have a choice, go for the rapid roulette that has a real wheel.
  • Do your research on the manufacturing website. Yes, just like we mentioned earlier, it is a relatively new trend, and the machines are frequently updated. Some of the latest devices may ensure a fair chance of winning and random outcomes. The gambling law states that nothing should influence the random results. But the machines might be impossible to beat. And the states allow these machines as they ensure greater unpredictability.
  • Know when to stop. Owing to its speed, rapid roulette can quickly empty your bankroll. So, it is always smarter to set a limit to your bankroll and quit when you lose a few games in a row. Moreover, do not attempt to recover your lost bankroll over rapid roulette. Do yourself a favour and give up when you experience a losing streak. 
  • Do not try to keep track of the winning numbers. The computers have totally random outcomes, and hence, it is a waste of time to try and trace a pattern or something.

So, this was our quick guide on how to play rapid roulette. Make sure you check out the betting requirements, payouts, and other details before you go ahead and play for real money. Remember, there is no surefire trick or strategy that ensures you win at roulette. It is a game of chance, and the results cannot be predicted or influenced. However, you can always refer to a betting system for support. 

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