No Deposit Bonus Casino Australia – What Should you Expect?

We all have a fair idea of how competitive the casino business can be. Notably, in the case of online casinos, the competition is higher. The casinos struggle to make their brand trustworthy and build a robust user base. And Australian casinos are no exception to this!

No deposit bonus casino is an amazing way to show off a casino's impressive collection of games and give the new users a chance to get familiar with the website. 

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

Do new players get no deposit bonus or free spins?

Just like the name denotes, they are the bonuses that you can avail of without making any deposits at all. Most of the online casinos will offer attractive bonuses like 25 free spins, 20 free spins, 50 free spins, or free sessions on their most popular games. No Deposit casino bonuses are one of them.

Additionally, if you manage to win some rewards, you can even withdraw them after registering and making minimum deposits. To help you find some amazing bonuses online, we have put together a list of some trusted no deposit bonus casino

No Deposit Bonus casino: Why should you claim these bonuses?

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If you are wondering why you should take advantage of these offers, here are some reasons

  • You should claim them because they are free. You need not make any deposits or even register yourself.
  • You get to experience the site before signing up. You get to browse through some of their best games before deciding to register.
  • If you win something, you can make a deposit, play some more and withdraw the rewards!

And now, to the list of no deposit bonus casino!

Top No Deposit Bonus Casinos in Australia!

Most of the games in Australian online casinos are pokies because they are a crowd favourite. So most of the bonuses in these online casinos are free spins. There are free spins attached with all the casino bonuses and individual slot games. For example, free spins on Gods, free spins on Lucha Libre, free spins on opinions, free spins on Elvis, free spins on King, free spins on Book of the Dead and many more. Let us look at the best no deposit casinos in Australia:

Woo Casino

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Woo casino is surely one of the most trusted brands out there. The casino mostly gets praised for simple navigation and a smooth user experience. The site has a dark theme and displays all its best games in neat rows. Woo welcomes its new users and visitors with 25 free spins, no deposit. You might come across Woo demands no promo code from you to claim this bonus. Moreover, you need not sign up for this. It's the best Australian no deposit casino.

Play Amo

Play Amo is a relatively new player on the board, but it has already gained significant attention. Of course, being new, they have to offer something different to the players to sign up. Play Amo currently offers 25 spins on Avalon: The Lost Kingdom. To claim this Australian no deposit bonus, the site does not require any code. You can access it easily when you visit their website.

Tsars Casino


Tsars is another name that pops up whenever we discuss casinos with unique, catchy themes. If you visit Tsar's website, the intricate design along with the flying ship is the first thing that you will notice. Tsar offers 20 free; no deposit spins on Rocket Stars. Again, this casino also does not need any special code to access this bonus.

GunsBet Casino

GunsBet sticks to its cowboy theme very well, and the design and interface will prove it. GunsBet is another trusted brand that has mostly positive reviews. Along with its unique theme, it offers an irresistible signup offer. GunsBet has an attractive offer that gives 100% cashback up to 100 Euros plus free 100 spins!

Bao Casino

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If you like cats, then you are to love Bao's cat mascot! Bao is a trustworthy brand that boasts of a wide collection of games. The website can be easily navigated, and the games are assorted according to popularity, latest releases, and more. If you cannot locate the game you are looking for, you can always use the search box.

Coming to the no deposit bonus, Bao offers 11 free spins on Fire Lightning. You can avail of this offer by entering the code NDK-BAO.

Loki Casino

Loki is another top online casino that has an attractive welcome offer. If you love online casinos that have adorable cartoon themes, then you should check out Loki! It also brags a huge gaming collection with responsive customer care. Loki will give you 100 free spins on the Princess of Sky game after making the first deposit. 

Bitstarz Casino

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With a dark theme combined with vivid game icons, Bitstarz is pleasing to the eye. You can navigate the website easily on the computer and phone. Bitstarz knows how to lure users with attractive offers. It offers 25 free spins on Wolf Treasure on zero deposit.

Moreover, it also offers cashback worth $200 on the first deposit of $100 along with free 100 spins. To avail of the 25 free spins, you do need any code. This is an amazing free no deposit bonus casino that you should check out.

Trueflip Casino

Trueflip is one of the best casinos when it comes to extensive games collection. You will find more than 1500 games on Trueflip. To welcome its users, Trueflip offers a 150% cashback on the initial deposit.

Moreover, you can check your favourite casino websites from time to time for cool offers. Most of the online casinos offer the best no deposit bonuses where you need to have the bonus code or some equally appealing offers.


Moreover, you will spot the most attractive offer right when you enter the casino site. In case you do not see what you are looking for, you can always check the promotions page for all the offers.

Most of the time, you will be offered free spins without depositing a penny. If you make some deposits, you will get even more free spins, discounts or cashback.

Types of No Deposit Bonus Offers in Casinos

Online casinos offer a variety of bonuses to attract more and more customers. These bonuses are essentially huge perks for the customers. The most common type of bonuses provided by casinos is the No Deposit Bonus. 

In any online casino, you have to make a deposit first before playing any game. The No Deposit bonus perk will allow you to play those games without having to make any deposit. 

Australian No Deposit bonus varies from casino to casino, but the following three types of No Deposit bonus offers are the most common:

Bonus Cash

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Most of the casinos will give you free credits without any deposit from your side. Credits are the virtual cash you buy with real money to use at a casino. The payouts in a casino are also in credits, which you can later convert to real money.

You can use the free credits to play any game you wish. 

Bonus cash usually comes with some of the other wagering requirements. Most casinos will demand winnings from bonus cash to bet a bunch of times before being converted into real cash.

For example, a casino gives you bonus cash of 100 credits with a wagering requirement that you have to stake 50% of your winnings. Suppose you win 500 credits after playing a few games. You have to bet 250 credits from the 500 before you can cash it out.

Free Spins

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Free spins are the primary type of No Deposit Bonus offer. The casino gives you a certain number of free spins in relevant games. You have to spin in pokie games, and you can spin only after depositing credits. But with free spins bonus offer, you can spin a certain number of times for free. 

Some casinos offer ten free spins. Some will offer 30 free spins, while some will offer as many as 100 free spins.

Free Play

In this bonus offer, the casino will allow you to play games for a fixed amount of time and with a set number of credits. You can play any game that the casino has to offer within 60 minutes with 100 free credits.

Some casinos will not have the credit cap, while some casinos will allow free play only in certain games. It depends on the policies of individual casinos on how they will offer the free play bonus.

Common wagering requirements of free play bonus are that your winnings will be converted to bonus cash, and you have to stake a part of it before you can turn it into real money, or you can withdraw only a percentage of your free play winnings.

How to Sign Up for a No Deposit Bonus?

It is wholly dependent on the casino. Every casino has its own rules regarding signing up for a No Deposit Bonus. Some casinos will provide you with a bonus as soon as you register with them. Some of them have “Bonus codes,” which you have to type in to redeem your No Deposit Bonus. You can win real money in these best no deposit bonus casinos.

Always make sure to go through the No Deposit Bonus rules and regulations of a casino before you avail of one. 


terms and conditions

There are certain conditions you have to agree to before you can redeem a no deposit. These requirements exist so that the house edge is maintained.

These conditions are an essential part of the no deposit offer. Most casinos attach some state or the other with every No Deposit Bonus they offer. You agree to the requirements as soon as you sign up for a No Deposit Bonus.

Such conditions will demand that you stake a portion of your No Deposit Bonus wins on other games. Some others would allow you to withdraw only a part of your No Deposit Bonus wins. Some No Deposit Bonuses can only be availed by first-time players, while others can be availed only by frequent visitors.

It is entirely up to the casino as to what conditions they will slap on the No Deposit Bonus offers. We will learn about these conditions later in the article in detail.

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonus Offers

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The pros of No Deposit Bonus Offers are as follows:

They allow you to try out new games.

When you have free credits, you have the opportunity to try out those games you didn't want to gamble on because they are new to you. With free spins, you can try them out with no risk involved.

The chances of winning increase

So, with free spins bonus, you are increasing your chances of winning big without having to stake any money.

There is no risk involved.

So you can be as experimentative with your strategies. You can throw caution to the wind and try out daring strategies while playing casino games.

Free credits offered

They are a great incentive for first-time players who have just begun to gamble. Free credits allow them to learn about the different games and strategies without paying a dime for it. You have the chance of winning a jackpot by staking absolutely nothing for it.

The cons of No Deposit Bonus offers are as follows

casino marker

Casinos come with wagering requirements.

Almost all casinos attach wagering requirements with No Deposit Bonuses. These requirements decrease the actual amount of winnings you receive in your hands.

Withdrawal limits on your winnings

They won't let you withdraw 100% of your winnings to your bank account. Some portion of it has to be staked on other games in the casino. It is a common strategy used by casinos to make you play after your No Deposit Bonus has expired.

Some No Deposit Bonuses come with time bounds


They are available only for a fixed period, and that period is usually short. The bonus cash that you win can also have an expiry date. You have to stake them before time runs out, or they go waste.

Game restrictions also come with a No Deposit Bonus. You can use the bonus only in some games.

Need to bet the maximum amount to get the bonus

Sometimes, you have to bet the maximum amount in a game to avail of the No Deposit Bonus. Suppose you get a bonus of 100 coins in video poker. The maximum bet is five coins. You can use the 100 coin bonus only if you are betting five coins. If you bet four coins or below, it must come out of your own pockets. It messes up your strategy.

Terms and conditions

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It has been said before that a No Deposit Bonus doesn't come with no strings attached. Certain bonus terms and conditions come with No Deposit Bonuses that make the withdrawal of winnings very difficult. Let us have a look at them:

Wagering requirement

The wagering requirement is a condition that is very common in No Deposit Bonus offers. It tells how much money you have to stake before you can lay your hands on the winnings from a bonus. A wagering requirement is expressed in multiples of a bonus value. 

For example, you receive a $100 No Deposit Bonus, and the wagering requirement attached to it is 20x. Meaning, you need to wager 20 x $100= $2000 before you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

Game Contribution Percentages

This is an extension of the wagering requirement condition. You now know how much you have to stake in the wagering requirement before you can withdraw your winnings. But how can you fulfil the stake amount if you are not making any deposit? You fulfil that stake through game contribution. 

A game contribution is a percentage of your wager that will go into covering your wagering requirement. For example, a video poker game has a game contribution of 20%. It means that 20% of every dollar you wager in that game will go towards covering your wagering requirement. 

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Games that have a high house edge have a higher game contribution percentage. It isn't easy to have high returns from these games, so the maximum percentage of your returns goes towards covering your wagering requirement.

Games that have low house edge have lower game contribution percentages. The percentage can be as low as 10%, meaning only 10 cents per dollar go towards covering your wagering requirement.

Time Limit

You cannot claim a No Deposit Bonus anytime you want. Casinos impose a time limit within which you can avail of the No Deposit Bonus. This time limit is usually a short one, maybe a week or so from registration.

Casinos also impose time limits on your wagering requirements. You have to cover your wagering requirements by that time; otherwise, your bonus and your winnings go to the house's coffers.

Selected Games

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Not all games will contribute to your wagering requirement. Only a percentage of returns from select games can do that. Games with very high payout percentages, like video poker, whose payout percentage can be as high as 100%, are excluded from the list of games that can cover your wagering requirement.

You can have those games on the list only in exceptional circumstances. Most likely, you will never find them on the list in any casino in Australia. Usually, games that have an average house edge are on the list.

Withdrawal Cap

You cannot withdraw 100% of your winnings into your bank account. Most casinos put a limit on the withdrawal limit. Suppose the withdrawal limit is $500 and your total return is $700, then you can withdraw only $500, and the rest $200 will remain in your casino account.

You can use the $200 to wager in other games, or that amount is forfeited to the house.

Restrictions on Free Spins

You get several free spins in slot machine games in a free spin No Deposit Bonus. The winnings of free spin games are in cash bonus and subject to the wagering requirement condition.  

For example, you receive 100 free spins. After completing that many spins, you won $50. You have to cover your wagering requirement before you can withdraw that amount to your bank account.

Minimum Deposit Casinos FAQs

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Minimum deposit casinos come next to No Deposit Bonus offers. They both provide considerable advantages to the players. A minimum deposit casino bonuses are one that allows you to play after you have made a very low deposit in your casino account. In Australian minimum deposit casinos, that amount can be as low as $5. 

Following are some frequently asked questions about minimum deposit casinos:

Q: Are there minimum deposit casino in Australia that allows a $1 deposit?

Yes, there are many casinos in Australia that have a $1 minimum deposit scheme. They regularly compete with the $5 minimum deposit casinos. But they are not typical and bogged down with many terms and policies.

This makes the $5 minimum deposit casino more lucrative to the players. But it is up to you which minimum deposit casino you will choose to play in. 

Q: How to pick a minimum deposit casino?

There are 4 points to keep in mind while picking a minimum deposit casino. They are as follows:

  • You need first to find out whether a casino has a minimum deposit casino bonus scheme. If they have one, then what the minimum deposit amount is. You can get this information on the “Terms and Conditions” page on the casino's website. Read it thoroughly before making any commitment.
  • The second thing to find out is if that casino has your favourite games and whether they fall under that casino's minimum deposit scheme. 
  • The second thing to find out is whether the casino charges any fee to avail of the minimum deposit scheme. If they do charge, then how much is that fee. 
  • The last thing you need to find out is what the withdrawal cap is in that casino for a minimum deposit. If the withdrawal cap is low, then avoid that casino. The whole point of a minimum deposit casino is to give you a chance to win big by putting little at stake. With a low withdrawal cap, even if you win big, you will not be able to withdraw most of it to your bank account.

Q: Can I avail of the casino bonuses with a minimum deposit?

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Yes, you can avail them. Some of the typical casino bonuses that you can also get under a minimum deposit scheme are:

Welcome Bonus

It's the bonus you get when you first register at an online casino. You get this bonus as soon as you open an account with that casino and make a deposit.

Free Spins

 You get a certain fixed number of free spins at a slot reel. The number of free spins can be anywhere from 10 to 100. Some casinos will offer more than 100 free spins.

Deposit Bonus

 A bonus that you get as soon as you deposit in your casino account.

Loyalty Bonus

 The bonus you get for being a loyal customer at a particular casino. 

To get this bonus, you must frequent the casino site and regularly play games.

Note: Bonuses are always attached with some of the other terms and conditions, and minimum deposit bonuses would be no different. The most common of them are wagering requirements. 

Some casinos will give two bonuses at the same time. Like a welcome bonus and free spins together.

Q: What are the banking options in an Australian minimum deposit casino?

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There are many options for depositing to and withdrawing money from a minimum deposit casino in Australia. They are:

Credit Cards

It is easy to deposit with a credit card. It happens instantly with a few clicks. Withdrawal can take up to 5 business days and usually has a fee attached. There are some casinos in Australia that do not allow withdrawals via MasterCard. Read the withdrawal terms and conditions of each casino thoroughly before making a deposit.


E-wallets are becoming a popular method of transaction every passing day. You can deposit to and withdraw from a casino via an e-wallet. The transaction is anonymous, and that is a plus point with e-wallets. Popular e-wallets used by Australian players are Neteller and Skrill.

Prepaid Cards

It is a reliable way to deposit money in your casino account. Cash is loaded in a prepaid card, and you can only use the loaded amount. It helps in bankroll management as it prevents you from overspending. But there is a downside with this method of payment. You cannot withdraw with a prepaid card. 

Since there is no chance of overspending in a minimum deposit scheme, you might as well not use this payment method.

Online Banking

Online banking has become quite popular with Australian gamblers as they are quick, convenient, and safe. Personal details are hidden in an online transaction, which is a useful feature. But withdrawals can take more time than usual, and the fee is also higher.

FAQs regarding No Deposit Bonus in Australian Online Casinos

How to redeem a No Deposit Bonus?

There are three common ways to redeem a No Deposit Bonus:

  1. By entering a unique coupon code.
  2. Via email or live chat with the casino operator.
  3. By registering at a casino and automatically receiving the bonus credits in your casino account.

There can be other ways depending on the policies of the casinos.

Which casino games will contribute to the wagering requirement?

The casino decides which games will count toward fulfilling the wagering requirement. It is stated in the casino terms and conditions, and you must read through it thoroughly before redeeming a No Deposit Bonus. But there exists an unsaid rule about game contribution percentages. A high house edge in a game means most of its returns will contribute to the wagering requirement. Low house edge means lesser game contribution percentage. 

What are fair wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are expressed in multiples of the bonus value. Any wagering requirement between 20 and 40 times is considered a fair wagering requirement. They are easier to fulfil. A wagering requirement of 60x will be challenging to meet. 

For example, you receive a bonus of $100 at 20x wagering requirements. It means you have to cover $100 x 20= $2000 before you can withdraw your winnings. But if the wagering requirement is 60x in this case, then you have to cover a massive amount of $100 x 60= $6000 before you can withdraw your winnings.

Who is eligible to receive a No Deposit Bonus?

Anybody who registers at a casino that offers a No Deposit Bonus is eligible. Some No Deposit Bonuses are dependent on the player's status. For example, if you are a new player, you get a Welcome Bonus, get a Loyalty Bonus if you are a frequent gambler at that particular casino and many more.

Why am I not eligible for a No Deposit Bonus?

There can be several reasons why you are not eligible for a No Deposit Bonus. It is entirely up to the casino's policies as to who is eligible and who is not. Some common reasons for ineligibility are:

  • The player has claimed two bonuses in a row. Some casinos do not allow simultaneous bonuses or allow them under specific conditions. If you do not meet those conditions, you will be denied the No Deposit Bonus.
  • You and another player at the same casino live together and use the same IP address, and your flatmate has already redeemed a No Deposit Bonus.
  • You are a bonus abuser.
  • That No Deposit Bonus is restricted in Australia

Who is a No Deposit Bonus abuser?

A No Deposit Bonus abuser is a player who has opened multiple accounts under different names in the same casino to avail of the No Deposit Bonus multiple times. It is the most common form of fraud committed by players.

Can I withdraw the winnings from a No Deposit Bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings provided you fulfil the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions set by the casino. Respecting these terms and conditions is crucial; otherwise, all your winnings will be forfeited by the house. 

What is a cashable and non-cashable No Deposit Bonus?

A No Deposit Bonus can have two characteristics when it comes to withdrawals. They are cashable and non-cashable.

 Cashable No Deposit Bonus

Allows you to withdraw the winnings plus the bonus you have received. For example, if you receive a no deposit bonus of $50 and your total winnings from that bonus after meeting the wagering requirements are $300. You can withdraw $300 + $50 = $350.

Non-cashable No Deposit Bonus

It doesn't allow you to withdraw the bonus amount along with your winnings. After you have fulfilled your wagering requirements, the bonus amount is deducted from your winnings before you can withdraw it to your bank account. A non-cashable No deposit Bonus is also known as a sticky bonus.

Is there a time limit to claim my No Deposit Bonus?

Yes. Casinos do not make a No Deposit Bonus available for an unlimited period. There is a fixed period within which you have to claim the No Deposit Bonus if you want to use it. The period begins as soon as you register in a casino. 

The time limit is purely under the casino's jurisdiction and can be anywhere between hours and days. But usually, it is seven days from the time of registering.

How long is a No Deposit Bonus valid?

After claiming a No Deposit Bonus, it is valid for a limited time. You have to fulfil the wagering requirements within that time frame and withdraw your winnings; otherwise, you will lose the money. 

Three days is the standard validity period, but there can be shorter and longer validity periods. Shorter validity periods are from 24 hours to 72 hours, while more extended validity periods can be 30 days.

What are the maximum withdrawable winnings?

Some casinos impose a cap on the withdrawal amount. It means you cannot withdraw more win money than the amount that the cap specifies. 

For example, you have won $500, but the maximum withdrawable winnings are $200. You cannot withdraw more than $200 of that $500 to your bank account. The rest of $300 either remains in your account to be wagered in other games. Or it is forfeited by the house.

 You shouldn't avail of a No Deposit Bonus that has a low maximum withdrawable cap.

No-wager No Deposit Bonus

You want to avail of a No Deposit Bonus, but you take a step back on looking at the wagering requirements. Well, there is good news for you. There are hundreds of casinos in Australia that allow you to avail of a No Deposit Bonus without imposing a wagering requirement. 

This scheme works like a free trial. You can withdraw your winnings from the No Deposit Bonus. There might be one condition attached with such a bonus: you have to wager a percentage of your winnings on other games. 

For example, your total winning is $100, and the withdrawal ratio is 80:20. That means you will be able to withdraw 80% or $80 of the $100. The rest $20 has to be wagered in other games.

The Free Spin, a No Deposit Bonus type, can also be under the no-wager scheme.

No-wager No Deposit Bonus is usually offered in newly launched casinos or when a casino is marketing a new game.

No Deposit Bonus in Mobile Casinos and the Bonus Code

The No Deposit Bonus scheme in a mobile casino is precisely similar to that of online casinos. The only difference is that you avail of the bonus through a website in online casinos, while in mobile casinos, you do the same through an app.

A bonus code is one method to claim a bonus. It usually looks like BONUS2021, or they can be just numbers or text only. You have to enter the code on the casino website to avail of the bonus. 

So, this was our list of no deposit bonus casinos. Visit the listed websites and check out other discounts and offers too! Make sure you grab your free spins and cashback today!

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