Looking to Play Pokies Online Australia? Know Its Interesting History

Are you looking to play pokies online in Australia?

It does not matter if you are a hardcore gambler or a novice; slots never fail to excite the audience. No Australian online casino games are complete without slots. Everyone loves to push some coins into the best online pokies, pull the lever, and watch the reels decide your luck!

But who invented the slot machine? And where did the fruit icons on the reels come from? You will find the answers to these enticing questions in this article!

Top Things to Know When You Want to Play Online Pokies Online Australia

What are online pokies?

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The best online pokies in Australia are digital versions of the physical pokies found in physical casinos. Best Australian players love a good slot game, and hence online casino sites in Australia are filled with the best online pokies games. Some online casinos in Australia are known for their extensive online pokies collection and are referred to unofficially as pokies sites. Australian players can find other online casino games (table games, video poker, and many more) on these best online pokies sites. Good quality pokie games are abundant, and most Australian players visit these online casino sites to play pokies.

Australian players will find various best online pokies on different themes on the many real money Australian online casinos. Some of the pokies have an ancient Egyptian theme, some pokies are themed on popular movies and TV series, and some are themed on popular video pokies games. Due to advanced computer graphics and sound effects, Australian players find real money online pokies more enjoyable than physical pokies.

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Many wonders why pokies are so popular among casino games. They are sought-after not only by Australian players but also by players from other countries. Casino experts have found a reason for this. They say that players prefer casino games that have simple gameplay but can give big rewards.

It is very easy to play best online pokies: put the wager, spin the reels and let lady luck decide the outcome. There is no prospect of complicated mathematical calculations and strategies. But the jackpots can be huge. Players can potentially win millions of dollars at the expense of a few spins.

Types of online pokies in Australia

There are mainly two types of online pokies in Australia. These pokies have been differentiated based on the jackpot amount.

Regular pokies


The best pokies are the normal pokies that are found across online casino sites. They have fixed jackpots, and players can win the jackpots if they get the winning pay line. Pokie games of this type are ubiquitous in the best Australian online casino games. Some online casinos can have more than a thousand pokie games in their library.

Progressive jackpot pokies

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Progressive pokies do not have a fixed jackpot amount. The win amount increases with every unsuccessful spin. Unsuccessful spins mean those spins that did not result in the winning pay line. Every time there is an unsuccessful spin, a percentage of the wager is added to the jackpot, thus bloating it in the process. The winner gets the pooled amount. Players can win large amounts of money from progressive jackpot pokies.

These are the main types of Australian online pokies. There are other types as well, and they are as follows:

Real money pokies

Players can play online pokies directly with real money. They do not have to buy credits or coins to play. Such types of pokies can only exist in online gambling. All physical pokies have to be operated with coins.

3D pokies

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When it comes to playing online, pokies games have storylines, graphics, and sound effects that emulate a blockbuster movie. Players can get a movie-like experience from these online pokies. 3D slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world of online gambling.

Casino bonuses in online pokies Australia

Casino bonus features are a freebie offered by an online casino to its players. Australian online pokies come with many such bonuses to attract new players and maintain veteran customers' loyalty. New players tend to gain more from bonuses than veteran players. The newbies lack experience, and hence they are more likely to lose money at the casino games. The bonuses negate this risk.

The best pokies have the best bonuses. Following is a list of bonuses that you can get in an online pokie:

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Free Spins Bonus

The Free Spins bonus is the most common of all bonuses in an online casino. Players can use the Free Spins bonus to play reel pokies. The number of free spins that come with this bonus varies from one casino to another. Some online casinos offer more than 300 free spins. This is quite a bonus as your chances of winning increase tremendously.

Based on expert reviews, one drawback with the Free Spins bonus is that online casinos rarely offer this bonus independently. You will hardly come across an online casino that gives free spins as a separate bonus and is not attached with other bonuses. This bonus offer has minimal scope. You can only play free online pokies with it as it cannot be used in other types of casino games. The Free Spins bonus almost always comes attached with the following casino bonus offers:

Welcome Bonus

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You get a Welcome Bonus as soon as you open a casino account in an online casino. The Welcome Bonus is usually in this format: Real money + Free Spins.

Deposit Bonuses

You get this bonus with every min deposit of real money at an online casino. The format of this bonus is similar to a Welcome Bonus.

Match Bonus

You can avail of this bonus if you want to increase your payroll. An online casino will give you a bonus equal to your min deposit, but that bonus will not exceed a certain amount. For example, you get a match bonus of 100% up to $500. It means that if you deposit $100, you will get a bonus of 100/100 x $100 = $100. Your total wager money would be $100 + $100 = $200. Most Australian online casinos will give only a real money match bonus, but some online pokie sites give free speech.

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Free Online Pokies Trivia

Did you know how slot machines got their names? Well, it can be owed to the fact that we insert coins in the “slot.” It is a shortened form of ‘nickel-in-the-slot machine,' which is quite a mouthful.

1. First Slot Machines were toys

Interestingly, the first-ever slot machines created around the 1880s were simple toys. Upon inserting coins or tokens, the toys inside would dance or chase each other. In other places like saloons or bars, the slots were used for wagering between patrons. The winner was rewarded drinks, cigars, or tokens that could be exchanged for drinks.

2. Origin of the Gambling Slot Machines

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Charles August Fey was the genius who came with the idea of a coin-operated slot machine in the gambling context. After the first machine's massive success, he built the first three-reeled machine that paid out cash in 1898. It was called Card Bell as the reels had playing card icons.

Right after Card Bell, Fey brought Liberty Bell into existence. Crafted in 1899, Liberty Bell sported symbols like bells, horseshoes, and playing cards symbols. If you managed to line up three bells, then you will be rewarded the highest payout!

Due to the tragic earthquake that hit San Francisco, only four slot machines survived out of the hundreds Fey had created. However, Fey's machines had caught the fancy of many saloon patrons, and competitors like the Chicago-based Mills Novelty imitated the product.

3. Slot Machines were banned!

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Surprisingly, slot machines faced bans frequently. The clergy, law enforcement, and the morality forces were against the slot machines. They frequently expressed their opposition, which led to the prohibition of slot machines in 1909. Around that time, there were 3300 active slot machines in San Francisco.

This law had a loophole which the producers were quick to identify. Fey and his contemporaries began producing slot machines without coin slots. The payouts (mostly drinks and see) and purchases happened over the saloon counters. However, most of the slot machine factories shifted their businesses to Chicago.

4. The Fruit Symbols Came into Play in 1909

1909 was the year when the Industry Novelty Company first used the fruit symbols. The firm called its slot machines a “chewing gum dispenser” to evade the law.

They smartly replaced the playing card icons with fruit symbols that represented the flavours of gums. They even crafted some machines that gave out gums. Other competing firms imitated this move.

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After this, in the 1920s and 1930s, slot machines continued to operate in resorts. Around the 1950s, the ban on gambling was lifted. Anyhow, the private use of slot machines in clubs and resorts was ignored everywhere.

5. The use of slot machines was legalized post-WWII to generate tax revenue

Post-WWII, the electronic slot machines introduced many new payout schemes due to the ban's relaxation. The governments lifted many restrictions, keeping in mind the revenue prospects. Furthermore, the laws were even more relaxed in the 20th century to raise revenues across states.

6. Video Slot Machines in Las Vegas

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The video slot machines were introduced in Las Vegas in 1975. These machines had a monitor that resembled the real reels. They did not garner much popularity as the die-hard slot machine fans did not like them much.

Skipping to 1986, a “shared super jackpot” was introduced. Many slot machines across various locations were linked digitally, and a fraction of each inserted coin would build up the super jackpot. An interesting instance would be when Las Vegas rolled out a staggering $40 million payout in 2003.

7. Rise of online slot machines

Towards the early 21st century, online casinos gained abrupt popularity. This posed a major threat to real casinos. Online casinos can be operated using computers or even phones.

However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, 2006, barred US banks and financial institutions from interacting with online casinos. Similarly, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 of Australia prohibits providing gambling services to people who are physically in Australia.

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As of today, slot machines are still an inseparable part of casinos and gambling. Even mobile casinos have a wide variety of slots with colourful themes. The slots will continue to dominate online and offline gambling for the foreseeable future.

If you're looking to play online slots in Australia, look at some of the best online casinos. Aussie Gamblers has a great list of the Best Online Pokies in Australia to help you get started.

Australian online pokies FAQs

Are Australian online pokies fair?

Yes, online pokies in Australia are fair. There is no rigging involved, and the pokies are not designed to steal your money. Playing online pokies is completely safe for you. Random Number Generators (RNGs) control the reel pokies' outcome so nobody can predict what the pay lines will show. A Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithm that ensures that the outcome of online pokie games is as random as possible. Licensed casino sites are required to use this algorithm in all of their games.

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Can players win real money if they play free pokies?

Yes, they can win real money even if they had played pokies with free spins. After you have exhausted your bonus, you can proceed to cash out your winnings if you were paid in kind(coins). You need to fulfil your wagering requirement before you can withdraw your winnings to a bank account.

What are the banking options available at online casino sites?

A top Australian casino will have all the common banking options on its casino site. There will be many min deposit methods and withdrawal money like banking cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and many more. Customer support will resolve any issues regarding deposits.

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