A Complete Guide on Sports Betting Australia

Are you new toΒ sports betting australia? Then this is exactly the guide you need!

You might be wondering if online sports betting is legal in Australia. Let's put an end to the confusion in one phrase – Yes, it is legal. You will also notice that most Australian betting institutions offer their services online. They even offer to bet on horse races and other races.

With the basics cleared, let us get into the best sports betting guide you will find.

Online Sports Betting: How to Bet 

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Here you'll find a quick rundown of the steps you need to follow for sports betting online in Australia.

Find the right betting site

Are you the one into sports betting or the one who likes horse races? Depending on your choice, you will have to find the best and trustworthy website. If your preference is sports, there is little point in choosing a site focused on horse races.

There is an overwhelming number of betting sites, and it can be hard to pick the best one. But don't be lazy, do your homework before signing up. Also, keep in mind to gamble responsibly.

 Sign yourself up

Once you choose a suitable betting site, the next step is to sign up. You will need to provide all the basic information along with age verification. You can have a look at their money lines before you sign up. This way, you will know what you are getting into.

 Make the first deposit.

After the registration process, you have to deposit to make the first best bets. Most of the sites offer top payment options like Paypal, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, checks, and even bank transfers.

Another good thing about online sports betting is that they have generous promotional offers for the newbies and existing users. It is best to claim all the bonuses you are eligible for after signing up and making deposits.

 Know the basics

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Before you decide to spend your money, ensure you are familiar with the process. Know how to calculate the odds and compare them. It is always a good practice to read all the terms and conditions, rules, or guidelines (a.k.a. the tiny print) before you go ahead and place one or more wagers. Moreover, if you are new to sports betting online, it is advised that you should take trials with play money or watch videos on how to do it.

 Determine a limit

Setting a budget and adhering to it is always a smart move. Sports betting is as addictive as any other gambling games. Many Australian betting sites enable users to limit and exclude themselves when the limit exceeds. Most of the seasoned players stick to a uniform amount for the wager and seldom change their strategy.

 Make a bet and try to please the Gambling Gods.

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And finally, it's time to place your wager. Go through the lines and select the one(s) you like. Then an option will pop up for placing a straight one. If you want to go with the straight bet, click ‘ok'. And the final step is to ask the Gambling Gods for a little luck to be sure.

A note about Minimum Bets – the lowest amount varies from site to site and relies on the gamble you are making. The lowest wager for online betting is $1. However, if you place a bet overcall, then the minimum stake is $20. For live betting, too, the lowest wager is $20.

Online Betting: Popular Sports Betting Sites

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Before apps existed, betting sites were popular in Australia and New Zealand. It turns out, even with the apps, the websites still have a stronghold over the sports betting scene. Here is a rundown of some top Australian sports betting sites.

BetStarBetStar is a popular licensed betting site in Australia that mostly focuses on horse racing. But it has great betting options for sports bettors too. It is one of the best Australian betting sites.

BetStar knows well how to promote itself, and the sites sport some brag-worthy features. First, you get to choose your own odds with the unique “Pick Your Own Odds” feature. When you pick your odds, the site will provide you with a winning margin based on your chosen odds.


BetStar enables players to stack up the field against the chosen race favourite for other races like Harness and Greyhound. If you believe that the favourite may lose any time during the race, you can back the whole field in one wager.

Owing to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, BetStars (or any other site for that matter) are prohibited from delivering any live betting services. You can still spot numerous sports and races live events on the site with their odds. You can give them a call to place your odds. But remember to gamble responsibly.


Ladbrokes is a familiar name within the online betting communities in Australia and New Zealand as it is specially focused on local users. The most notable feature is the ‘Quick Bet' feature that enables bettors to place Sportsbet quite rapidly. The feature has pre-set amounts, and all you need is a few taps on the mouse to make bets. Additionally, this quick bet can be placed even if you already have items in your wager slip.

As we mentioned, this betting site caters to Australian users, so it does not a surprise that it offers NRL, AFL, and Rugby.


Again, due to the gambling regulations in Australia, Ladbrokes does not offer live betting.

Ladbrokes is highly committed to the safety of the Australian community – you need to gamble responsibly. They prevent minors from participating in betting activities and provide useful information to problem gamblers. The site also has a deposit limit feature that enables the players to set a maximum limit.

2. Bookmaker

Bookmaker has one of the best-licensed sites among the Australian sports betting websites. This betting site in Australia loads rapidly and has some cool options. When you enter the website, you will spot the left navigations, and the active markets are highlighted. On the main panel itself, you will find the betting slip and odds.


The navigation is informative and easy for the markets. You will be provided with the date and timings when you select your sport. Moreover, the betting slip is full of unique offers. You can even hide the slip while you are browsing. The multi bet option, along with all the choices, maybe enabled wherever possible.

Bet 365

Bet365 betting site is certainly one of the best sites for sports betting in Australia and internationally. Bet365 site would never fail to attract bettors who love the interactive experience. Thanks to Flash, Bet365 can be navigated through image links, tabs, and text lines. By default, the site opens in Overview. You can find your favourite sports on the favourites tab.

And now, for the biggest and the best feature, Bet365 has unbeatable live streaming. You can find the live-action towards the right of the browser's window. To access the live streaming feature, you need to have a paid account. You can enjoy the live streaming if you have placed a wager in the last 24 hours.


Lastly, Bet365 has a bunch of amazing offers at Bet365 plus. They even have a news portal that is updated frequently.


Unibet Australia was launched in 2012, and it is a quite trusted brand in this community. The Unibet betting site has a sleek website based on Flash and has some down-to-earth properties for users. Markets, betting slips, odds are all present on the main panel, along with the sports navigation.

Coming to promotions, Unibet knows how to keep its users happy. If your bet fails narrowly, Unibet offers up to $50 cashback if you lose 4+ leg combos. This offer can be applied to all sports. For newbies, Unibet has a lot to offer. For the first-timers, Unibet gives up to $100 cash back if you lose. This offer is applied to racing as well as sports betting. At Unibet, your loyalty is rewarded by protest payouts, dead heat, and many more rewards.


Unibet has recently introduced its live betting feature. With this, you can place a bet while you enjoy the live-action. Sports like basketball, cricket, tennis, football, and many more events are streamed live. You can call to make your bets, or you can even click on the Call to Place Bet button.

These are some of the best online sports betting websites. You might also go for their app counterparts.

How do Sports betting odds work

Sports betting odds can be pretty difficult to understand, especially if you are new to it. We have tried quickly explaining the online betting odds.

Most of the bookmakers in Australia use the Decimal Style Betting Odds. Calculating decimal odds is straightforward. You have to multiply the bet amount by the decimal odds displayed. The resulting amount is your payout.

Here is an example –

Team A – 2.40

Team B – 1.55

esports: play soccer well

If you place a $10 wager on Team A, your payout will be $10 x 2.40 = $24. The resulting figure includes your wagered amount. So, your profits are $14. Most of the sites enable the user to choose their style of betting.

Usually, online betting sites do this job for you. The betting odds would be displayed before you place the bets.

Sports Betting Strategy

As such, sports betting is a type of gambling and relies immensely on your luck, observation, and experience. To a newbie, sports betting online can be complex and even intimidating. Nonetheless, some experts claim to make a good living off this sport. We have compiled a concise list of strategies to help the newbies make it big in sports betting.

Before we move on, let us answer an obvious question, why should you follow these strategies? Because, if you don't, you will be considered as a “square”, which loosely translates as “noob” in the sports betting community in Australia.

 Learn to manage your bankroll

You are nothing without your bankroll. Any expert bettor would set aside a sum of money that he/she does not mind losing. You cannot bet your rent money on racehorses in Australia. Not sticking to a budget will lead to angry family members and yelling at landlords.

A common strategy that bettors follow is that they place bets worth 1% to 5% of their total bankroll. A quick example would be – Suppose, and your budget is $2000, then you should bet $20 to $100 bets on one game under each category.

Lastly, never go chasing your losses. It always turns out bad; you end up making bigger bets to cover the losses quickly and lose even more.

 Takedown notes

play right

By this, we mean you should analyze your previous bets, check the trends, and maybe even try some betting systems in Australia. Do not always rely on your gut feeling. Your intuitions might not always bring your profits. If it helps, make a note of every significant winning or losing.

 Compare and make informed decisions.

While selecting the lines, you should always look for the best lines. The excited newbies might go for the first line they see. Instead, create accounts on one of the multiple betting Australian sites and compare the odds.

 Do not go for the points.

You will be the biggest square if you fall for one of the favourites down or underdogs up set up by the betting sites. This is the worst move you could make. Just don't go for it. They are like the side bets invented by casinos to burn gambler's pockets.

Best Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Bet on sports online on the go! The betting sites are smart enough to keep up with the evolving trends, and hence, most of the major sites have their mobile apps. The majority of the apps in Australia are available for iOS and Android.

Here is a brief list of the best betting mobile apps in Australia.


Ladbrokes is certainly one of the top dominators in the Australian sports betting scene. It comes as no surprise that they have a sleek app to deliver their services. The Ladbrokes app is available for Android and iOS users. The app has easy navigation and enables users to make fast deposits and withdrawals. The desktop features have made it to the app to ensure a smooth experience with top customer service.


Sportsbet app is popular all across the globe, and they hardly need an introduction. The Sportsbet app is available and can be installed on Android and iOS devices. The app has some new dynamic features and is regularly updated. 


The list cannot be complete without mentioning the best Bet365 app. One of the best industry leaders, the Bet365 app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Sadly, Australians cannot access the poker or the app's gambling section due to the gambling restrictions. But sports betting services are good, along with customer services. Bet365 insists players gamble responsibly to win big.


Neds is a popular name that received quite a lot of attention when it entered into Australian sports betting scene. As it is a relatively new company, it spared no expense at creating an impressive app. Available for Android and iOS platforms, it has some amazing features. Neds Toolbox steals the show with its odds booster and another service.


Unibet is a well-known company that has its presence worldwide. The Unibet app can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Unibet focuses more on horse races and soccer and is the best app for sports betting. 

Top Sports Betting Tips

Here are some best tips and information to note while you are betting online on sports in Australia.

  1. Do not keep unrealistic expectations. Sports betting will not turn you into a millionaire overnight.
  2. If possible, try to follow a betting system.
  3. Always compare the odds before betting.
  4. Do not be too disappointed when you lose. Maybe it's just not your day. Try again in the next season.
  5. Do your homework. Research is totally worth your time.
  6. If possible, keep a log of your betting.
  7. Do not be overconfident.
  8. Take breaks between your betting sessions.
  9. Gamble responsibly.

It all depends on your luck and your ability to figure out the odds. This guide answered some popular queries on Australian Sports betting.