The 17 Best Online Poker Tips You need to Know

Whether it is an online casino or an offline one, poker is a must. Poker has dominated gambling forever. And seasoned gamblers take pride in their poker skills. However, if you take your local poker tricks online, the switch may be difficult for some players. 

Now, you will ask, ‘what are the best poker tips?' And we are here to satisfy your query. Playing online poker is slightly different. But these tips will enhance your game. If you are a newbie to online and offline poker or switching to online poker, you will find these tips helpful.

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Best Poker Tips To Enhance Your Game!

Get acquainted with online poker.

It would be best to get the hang of online poker first. Give yourself some time to get familiar with the poker features exclusive to the online version. Exploring all these features might take up a few sessions. One difference that you will notice right away is the speed of the game. Obviously, online poker has quicker, shorter sessions than offline poker. If you are a newbie at the online variant, it will take some time to adjust to this speed. Other aspects, such as game layout, bets, and payouts, should also be noted.

Also, it won't be a bad idea to enrol yourself in poker classes. You will learn many valuable things about poker, like strategies, betting mathematics, useful tips, and many more.

Start with low stakes.

Obviously, it will take you a few sessions to get introduced to online poker. Hence, it would help if you keep your bankroll smaller. Do not dive headfirst into the high-stakes game without getting used to the online aspects. Additionally, smaller stakes will take the stress of losing away. This will help you to really get into the online game with little worries.

But don't be over-cautious in your gameplay. Low stakes are fine, but they mustn't be so low that it gives you no chance of winning big. Keep an eye on the pot. You aim to have as many chips as possible in it and winning the pot.

Moreover, online poker can be slightly more challenging than offline ones. The competitors are randomly selected. So, it is likely that your opponent might be a pro at online poker.

Lastly, this is one of the best online poker tips because it will prove helpful in the long run. Progressing towards higher stakes gradually will magnify your chances of winning.

Keep the distractions at bay.

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Online poker comes with perks like sitting at home in pyjamas. Besides these, several players find something to while their time away between hands. They browse the web or attend calls and even watch TV. These distractions can cost you a lot. You might miss some information or end up playing poorly. Avoid being over-confident as casino games rely upon chance and skill. Try to create a noise-free atmosphere. 

You might feel that this is no big deal, but in reality, it is. Anything that requires skill and has calculations requires you to focus. You will never be able to ace this game if you do not focus. You have to keep an eye on your opponents, the number of chips they are betting, the number of chips in the pot, the community cards, the pocket cards, and many more. You cannot possibly keep track of all these even if you are slightly distracted.

Single table for starters

Online poker comes with cool perks, like the ability to play at multiple tables at once. And once you master online poker, multi-tabling can indeed be fun. However, if you are just stepping into online poker, it would be best to stick to one table for a few weeks. Once you become a pro at one table, you can gradually increase the number of tables and involve in multi-tabling. But make sure that you are entirely comfortable with one table first.

Learn all the strategies and actions used on one table before you promote yourself to multi-tables. You should take one step at a time and not rush yourself.

Become a pro at bluffing

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Bluffing is the act of betting or raising the wagers on weak hands. A player does this to hoodwink the opponents into thinking that the player has strong pocket cards.

Beginners and experts both know how important bluffing is. And it is necessary to constantly polish and improve bluffing to have an edge in poker. If your bluffing skills are strong, you can win even when you have a weak hand. You need to check your chip stack, position, table image, and betting log of that hand before you decide to bluff. Bluffing can be a challenging art to master and a risky move. You will have to research, make notes, experiment, and practice to bluff successfully!

Get acquainted with semi-bluffing.

We just mentioned how important bluffing is, but it is a skill that develops with experience. Bluffing can make or mar your game, and this is where semi-bluffing steps in. In simpler words, let your cards decide if you will bluff or not. This trick can be applied when you have a hand that goes beyond potential bluffing. You have a strong backup if your bluff goes flop. You can study semi-bluffing and develop it gradually.

When you are not sure, fold!

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The fold is where you surrender your cards and give up on the chance of winning the pot. Obviously, everyone wants to win at poker. But the most common mistake that players make is that they call in the wrong situations. This is the fastest way to lose poker after bad bluffing. Whenever you are puzzled about whether to call or fold, please fold. 

Many players do not want to fold after the flop has been revealed. They think that they have already wagered too much, and leaving with empty hands would be shameful. Why not go all the way if they have come this far? This is a bad idea as you will end up losing a lot of money. So, don't hesitate to fold even after you have wagered a lot.

Another smart move would be to note down the details of that hand. You can pore over it later to see where you went wrong and make better decisions. This is one of the best poker tips that you can take offline too.

Starting hands are important.

Starting hands are the first two cards that you are dealt in Texas Hold'em. These two cards are very important, and you must make your next decisions based on your starting hands' status. The idea is to pounce on great hands but plays defensive with marginal hands. The best starting hands are A-A, Q-Q, J-J, A-K suited, A-Q suited, A-J suited, and K-Q suited.

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You can raise comfortably with these anytime. If you have A-A or K-K, you can even raise post-flop if you sit on the dealer's right.

Play poker only when you are in a good mood

Poker, whether online or offline, is supposed to be an exciting game. Nonetheless, it needs utmost attention, patience, and presence of mind. Poker demands both- skill and luck. Naturally, when you are fresh and joyful, you can enjoy a good game of poker. You are open to improvements.

On the contrary, if you are exhausted, depressed, or simply not in a good mood, avoid poker or any table game that demands mental energy. You are likely to end up making costly mistakes and stressing yourself out. Do yourself a favour by not playing in such situations. You will save a lot of bankroll and frustration. 

Moreover, if at any point, you feel yourself getting angry, quit the game immediately.

Determine your poker strategy by observing other players

One of the mistakes that you can commit as a poker player is not assessing your competition. Winning poker is all about having the best hand among the poker players. Of course, poker players will not show you their hands, so you will never get to know which poker player among the competition has a poker hand that is better than yours. But you can get an idea of whether a poker player has weak or strong hands.

You have to pay attention to the stakes put by others on the table while playing poker. It has been seen that stakes are a good indication of what a player has in the arsenal. If one poker player has been putting only low stakes so far and suddenly increases the stakes in one of the rounds, then be wary of that player. This is a sign of a winning poker player, someone who has got strong hands.

Sit at the right position at the table.

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You might question this poker tip, especially if you are playing online poker. How does sitting at the table matter when there is no physical table? It matters because the table spot you choose will decide your poker strategy. Even when you are playing online, you have to choose a virtual spot at the virtual poker table. The worst position at a poker table is the spot on the dealer's immediate left, and the best position is on the immediate right.

The player on the left will have to start first and hence will have no idea of the competition (a poker game moves clockwise). That player would have to make decisions blindly. On the other hand, the player on the right is the last one to act. That player gets the opportunity to observe the other players before making an informed decision. If you want to be a winning poker player, make sure to sit on the right-hand side of the dealer. If you find yourself on the left of the dealer by any chance, you need to play as aggressively as possible.

This poker tip doesn't matter much if you play online poker against the casino on a one-on-one game, but it does in multiplayer games and poker tournaments.

Keep your bankroll in mind.

Many poker players get so engaged in the heat of the game that they forget that they do not have infinite cash supporting them. Poker is a cash game, and most of the actions involve placing money wagers. If you do not keep your bankroll in mind while playing, you will find yourself in a position where you have no other option than to fold.

Encourage other players to fold.

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There are two ways you can become a winning player. One is by having the best poker hand among the players, and the second is by culling your competition. Whether you will have the best hand is up to lady luck but culling your competition is well within your capability.

You can decrease the number of players at a table by encouraging other players to fold. Your poker strategy must involve this method as you cannot always depend on strong hands to become a winning player. You can make other players fold by raising your stakes. If you raise the stakes in any round, players who have weak hands will think twice before continuing. A raised wager will eat their bankroll, and a weak hand will most likely fail to cover that loss. So folding will be a sane option for them.

Aggressive play is the best play.

Play poker aggressively if you want to win big in poker games. Aggressive play is a poker tip that you must live by in poker tournaments. Aggressive play means raising stakes and increasing the pot, increasing the chance of getting a lot of money if you win. The best players play aggressively, and if you want to improve your game to their level, you have to play as aggressively as possible within your bankroll.

The aggressive poker strategy is the step that comes after the basic poker strategy. Once you have mastered the basics and have become adept at using the basic poker strategy, it is time for you to play aggressively. If you get a good starting hand, then play aggressively. Raise your stakes and encourage others to fold (read the point above). Increase the pot amount to get a substantial win.

Players make the mistake of playing cautiously. They “call” when they should have “raised” and “raise” when they should have “called.” They “check” at the wrong time. Poker is a game of focused aggression, and playing for some time will improve your game in the long run.

Be a long-term player.

A good poker player always plays for the long-term. You will not win every time. Sometimes, you will lose with a top-pair of Aces in your hand against a hand with two 9s. Don't let these losses discourage you. Poker has a lot of depth in it, and you would take time to master all its strategies. You cannot become the best poker player in a matter of hours. You have to play thousands of hands in hundreds of games before you find yourself in a position where you can be a top contender in poker tournaments.

If you aim to win big, then being a short-term player will take you nowhere.

Make the most of bonuses

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One of the main benefits of playing poker online is that you can avail many bonuses. Online casinos offer many bonuses to attract players, and you need to learn about them before playing online. The bonuses will strengthen your bankroll, and you can start playing with a stronger betting capability.

You can learn about online casino bonuses from the respective casino websites. Casinos attach terms and conditions to their bonuses, and some bonuses will not be available when playing some games. Learn whether your favourite bonuses cover poker games and poker tournaments. Play only in those poker sites that give attractive bonuses on poker games and poker tournaments.

Some poker sites also offer free poker. It is a free trial of poker games. These are not cash games, so you will not win anything by playing them, but you will get valuable practice.

Importance of the poker face

You must have heard about the poker face. It is quite a popular term and is used to refer to expressionless faces. The poker face is very important in a poker game. Your opponents are closely observing you in an attempt to get an idea of the status of your hand. You want to make sure that they do not get to know that.

Don't let other players know about your position by just looking at your face. Don't show delight and excitement after a top-pair is dealt with you or despair after getting weak cards.

Expressing is not an issue when you play online poker against a computer. But it matters while playing live poker or in a poker tournament.

At the end of the day, it is your good old poker just in a digital form. We listed some of the best online poker tips to help you get started and enhance your gameplay. Do check out the different types of poker, betting systems, and guides to effective bluffing!

Terms you must know


Bad Beat

When a player initially had a good hand over others but lost that advantage after the flop, turn, or river. Your hole cards are great when you start playing, but you find that your hand is no longer substantial after the community cards are revealed. Bad beats discourage players immensely.


The “bubble” is that player in the tournament who missed getting paid by a whisker. Suppose a tournament was played with 500 players, and the top 50 got paid. The bubble is the 51st player.


Buy-ins refer to the entry fee of tournaments. It is the minimum amount that you have to pay to enter tournaments or cash games. In most cases of Texas Hold'em, it is 20 times the big blind bet. So if you sit at a table whose small blind bet is $5, your tournament fee would be 20 x $10 (big blind bet which is double of a small blind bet) = $200.

Learn about the buy-in before you decide to play. This tournament “strategy” will save your bankroll.


This situation can best explain counterfeit. Suppose you have a pair of 6s, and the table shows A-A-7-4 after the turn is revealed. You have two pairs among your five cards as of now (two Aces from the community cards and two 6s in your hands). This is a good hand so far. The river is revealed, and it turns out to be a 7. Now your hands are greatly devalued, and you have been “counterfeited.”

The board now has two better pairs than yours, and anybody with a card higher than value 6 will beat you. This is one way bad beats play out.


Playing a tournament against one pot or one player. Heads-up is not meant for new gamblers. Only those who have played for quite some time and have learned every tournament strategy should play it.


The best hand you can have at any moment. For example, you have a pair of 7s in your hands, and the board shows 7-6-2 after the flop.

Pot Odds

The money ratio in the pot compared to how much you have to call to keep playing. Suppose there is $100 in the pot. An opponent puts a bet of $50, and the pot total increases to $150. The last bet was $50, so you have to call at $50 to stay in contention, and your pot odds is 150:50. Pot odds are useful in deciding whether you should call or raise.

Sit n Go

A poker tournament where playing begins only after a certain number of players has registered.

Online poker FAQs

Is playing online poker safe?

The internet has many scammers who are looking for an opportunity to dupe you of your hard-earned money. They are up and about creating elaborate scams to fool you. One such elaborate scam is online casinos. You need to be careful of them.

A legitimate casino website will have the required licenses, and you can learn about them on their websites. The license information is usually found at the bottom of the home page or on the “Terms and Conditions” page. It won't take much time for you to find out the casino licensing authorities in Australia. Find out whether the concerned casino has licenses from any of these authorities.

If the casino is not transparent with its license information, then avoid playing in that casino.

A registered casino by law has to provide a safe, secure platform to the gamblers. This means they need to have at least 256-bit encryption on their websites and adopt other cautionary means to protect gamblers from becoming targets of tricksters. 256-bit encryption ensures that your activities on the website are not tracked. Other measures that a casino adopts are thorough screening of the members, not allowing more than one account per email id/IPS address, and many more measures.

So as long as you are playing at a registered casino, you are safe.

How to calculate poker win rate?

The following methods can calculate the win rate:

bb/100, which means the number of big blinds you win per hundred hands.

bb/hour, which means the number of big blinds you win per hour.

$/100, which means the amount of money you can win per hundred hands.

$/hour, which means the amount of money you can win per hour.

Do I need to pay fees for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos?

Usually, there are no fees imposed on deposits and withdrawals at an online casino, but some casinos may impose fees. It depends on the deposit and withdrawal policies of individual casinos. Some payment methods charge a fee for processing a transaction. If you are using those methods for a deposit or a withdrawal, you need to pay the transaction fees.

Almost all online casinos impose a minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal limit. You cannot deposit or withdraw below the minimum amount. Learn about the limits on the casino website.

What is the minimum age to play online poker in Australia?

The minimum age for gambling in Australia is 18 years. You need to be 18 years and above if you want to gamble. This rule is applicable even in land-based casinos.

How much should I bet?

Your bet amount should be influenced by two factors: your payroll and your strategy. Remember that you have to play many hands before you can get a substantial win. So plan your bet amount accordingly. Your payroll must last long enough to support the number of hands you intend to play. Assess your strategy and find out how much you need to wager to uphold that strategy. Your strategy must be within your payroll.

Can I play against gamblers from other countries?

That depends on the country and the casino. Gambling is illegal in some countries, and some Australian casinos do not have permission to function.

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