The Top Things to Never Do on a Blackjack Table!

If you are a beginner, then you might get nervous at a blackjack table initially. And this should not come as a surprise because many of the players feel that others are judging them. This especially holds true when you are playing with colleagues and bosses.

And that’s why we generated this list of some helpful tips on what not to do at a blackjack table. Whether you will play at a real casino or with a live dealer online, you will find these tips helpful. We hope you are clear about the basic rules and gameplay of blackjack.

9 Things You Should Avoid At A Blackjack Table

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1. Do not hand over your money to the dealer

This is more of a protocol that you need to follow. If you are a complete novice, you are likely to make this mistake. When you sit at a blackjack table (or any other table game), you will have to exchange your money for the chips. And for this, you are not supposed to hand over your cash directly to the dealer. You should place it on the table; the dealer then picks it up, counts it for the boss and the camera, and hands over your chips.

2. Keep your emotions away from the table.

You should never display your emotions on a blackjack table or at any other table for that matter. Do not get sad or upset when you lose. Remember that you will not win every game, and you will face some losses. Do not be a spoilsport for others, kill the vibes, or dampen the atmosphere. Nobody likes a sour face sitting next to them.

On the other hand, do not get too excited when you win. While it is obvious to feel elated, try not to show it too much. Nobody likes a super-excited jerk either.

3. Tip the dealer without fail!

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Dealers are important because they set up the right mood for players. They even offer some excellent advice on how to play. Some dealers are so good that they even root for the players to win rather than the house (because more winners might mean more tips). Pro players understand why a cheerful and upbeat dealer is essential. In any case, you should tip the dealers once in a while.

4. Once the bets are placed, do not touch the chips!

You surely do not want to disturb the flow of the game and look dumb. So, do not touch the chips after the dealer has gestured that the game has started. Now, how will you know that the game has begun? The dealer swipes their hand over all the placed bets to gesture that the hand has already started, and no changes will take place. So, do not touch the chips and break the flow, not even unintentionally.

5. Do not touch the cards either

This is another dumb mistake that you will want to avoid. You will notice some face-up cards at the blackjack table (depending upon the game). You are not supposed to touch that card. This is a simple rule that you must follow to avoid any embarrassing situation and upset the players.

6. Mind your own business!

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Do not tell others how they should play. This makes you look annoying and nosy, especially when the players have not asked for your advice. The situation can be worse if you sound like you are ordering others around.

If someone looks like they need help, but they are not asking for it, do not butt in. Let them take care of their business. Do not offer help unless you are asked to do so. It might be rude for some players.

7. Stack your bets the right way

Sometimes even the pros forget this simple rule and place bets haphazardly in the betting box. Whenever you place bets on a blackjack table, you are supposed to set the lowest-value on the top and the highest-value at the bottom. This makes it simpler for the dealer to count the bets, and the game goes on smoothly.

8. Do not play with your phone

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Playing on your phone, texting, or attending calls will undoubtedly annoy other players at the table. If you have to attend any calls or respond to any texts, ensure that you do so discreetly. It would be best if you take your phone away from the table. Do not break the flow of the game. Moreover, if you are loud over calls and pointing at the dealer or table, the casino might not have very good feelings about you.

9. Do not blame other players if you lose

Seriously, this is just going to make you look like a sore loser. And a lot of players tend to blame other players for their losses. If a player wins by using some new or unusual strategy, other players may disagree with that. In such cases, do not blame the player just because you lost that hand. Blackjack does not work that way. It is a game of luck, and the outcomes are least affected by tricks. Avoid being a spoilsport and ruining everyone’s mood at the blackjack table.

Apart from this, avoid playing when you are too drunk or in a bad mood. You might end up making bad and costly decisions. Moreover, if you lose a few times in a row, do yourself a favour and quit playing. Try some other day. This was all we had on our list of the stuff that you should never do at a blackjack table.

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