Video Poker Strategy Guide for Beginners

Video poker or sometimes called poker slots, are a newer and easier version of the good old poker. Moreover, video poker combines the skills of poker and ease of slots. So, you can determine the outcomes to an extent and also enjoy the simplicity of slots.

Did you know? That strategy can influence the results of video poker. Popularly, this strategy is known as the “video poker optimal strategy.” Along with that, this video poker strategy guide also discusses some advantages of video poker!

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Video Poker Strategy Guide & More!

1. The house has a negligible edge

Yes, video pokers are popular because they have a lower house edge and offer a chance to win enormous jackpots.

Additionally, the house really has a minimal advantage in video poker. You may not believe it at first, but video poker is an exception. Regardless of the type you choose to play, the right strategy, some skills, knowledge, and a stroke of luck are enough to take over the poker.

Remember that you are playing against a bot, and not humans. This makes playing slightly easier.

2. Know the rules (so you know what you are doing)

video poker strategy guide

If you think video poker is challenging to master like classic poker, then you are wrong. Video poker has many variations, like Jack or Better, Wild Deuces, and more. But they share the same five-card draw mechanics.

Here is a quick rundown of the process

  • Deposit your money, place the bet.
  • After you press the play button, you are randomly dealt five cards.
  • From these five, you can keep the good ones and dismiss the rest.
  • Other cards replace the dismissed cards.

Your wins rely upon the cards that you end up with. They can be flush, straight, royal flush, and more. Additionally, you should always check the paytable before playing.

  1. Do not just guess

You cannot beat a video poker machine by guesswork. You do not want to lose a game that gives you generous chances of winning.

Having some smart tricks up your sleeve reinforced with a video poker optimal strategy is sure to raise your likelihood of winning big. Practicing and getting familiar with the video poker’s ins and outs are vital before you go ahead and put real money at stake.

3. Check out the paytables and choose smartly

video poker strategy guide

When you can know what returns you should expect, then why not check them out? Video poker has a paytable that lets you peek into expected returns. So, always glance at it and choose the game that offers the best returns.

The paytable can help you determine what returns a player gets and give an idea about the house edge. Of course, you should go for the games with a high RTP and less house edge to maximise your winnings.

4. Each variant demands a different strategy

Even though all the variants of video poker are based on the five-card draw, they all demand different strategies. Yes, you will need a different design for Deuces Wild because your Crazy 8s strategy won’t work.

If you do not want to get into the details of each variant, then you should do your homework on Jacks or Better. It is the most common variant of video poker, and you will easily spot it on all the online casinos. Although it offers relatively lower returns, it is undoubtedly more exciting and rewarding.

5. Take it slow!

Just like any other slot, video poker can be addictive and end up cutting your bankroll quite quickly. As it is a quick and straightforward game, it might seem appealing to go on pushing the buttons quickly. But this is where most of the players go wrong.

Firstly, playing a slower hand will trim down your hourly losses considerably. You are certainly in no hurry to finish your bankroll.

Secondly, going slow means, you should consider each hand slowly and think each one through. Choosing the right cards to keep goes a long way in strengthening your hand. This is a crucial step that might make or mar your fortune. So, think carefully before you discard any cards.

And lastly, playing many hands actually reduces your likelihood to win. Meanwhile, fewer hands increase your chances of hitting a royal flush and add up a substantial win.

The goal here is to stretch your game time, reduce your losses, and maximise your winning chances.

6. Do not miss out on bonuses!

The casino is a competitive business. And casinos have smart ways to keep the gamblers hooked to their casino. So, keep an eye out for any promotional offers, discounts, and free stuff.

By claiming these bonuses and offers, you stand a greater chance of winning! You should definitely check the bonuses on video poker. Also, you can ask the live chat if they have anything special for you!

7. Avoid the kicker!

Many players falsely believe that retaining a kicker might save the day. But this is seldom the case. Keeping a kicker will not boost your chances of winning. Especially, you should stay away from kickers when you are playing Jack or Better.

So, this was our quick video poker strategy guide. Apart from this, video poker is mostly played on online casinos, and the fact that you can remain anonymous in a game is a big relief. Unlike classic poker, you do not have to worry about showing off your skills at a full table with your colleagues, bosses, or people in general. Nobody will comment on your gameplay. You can enjoy your video poker in solitude!

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