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casino wagering requirements
Casino Games 12-12-2020

Casino Wagering Requirements: A Quick Guide

What are the casino wagering requirements? If you have been gambling online, you might have heard stuff like – ‘You cannot beat the wagering requirements’ or heard complaints like ‘wagering requirements are too high at that casino.’ So, it is obvious to wonder ‘what the heck is a wagering requirement?’ In a general sense, we […]

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how to win keno
Casino Games 11-12-2020

How to Win Keno: 5 Best Tips and Strategies!

How to win Keno? This is an obvious question that pops into your head when you have been playing keno for a while. Notably, the newbies are curious to know if there are some tricks or hacks that can beat keno. Technically, keno is a pure game of chance. Having a little patience and a […]

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crazy four poker rules
Casino Games 03-12-2020

Crazy Four Poker Rules: How to Play like a Pro?

How to play Crazy Four Poker? What are crazy four poker rules? Have you wondered why there are only 5 cards in a poker hand? Because that is the easiest kind of poker that newbies can get the hang of. Also, owing to its ease, 5-card draw poker variants got picked up by the casinos […]

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how to play scratch card game
Casino Games 03-12-2020

How to Play Scratch Card Game: Rules, Tips, and More!

How to play scratch card game? What are the scratch card game rules? How to win at scratch cards? You must remember the time when you purchased scratch cards from stores or departmental stores. They were even handed out for free on some products. But gone are the days when you had to visit stores […]

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casino marker
Casino Games 02-12-2020

Casino Markers: All Details You Need to Know

If you frequently visit a brick-and-mortar casino, you might be familiar with the term ‘Casino Marker.’ It is basically the credit that casino offers for zero interest. It might sound appealing due to the zero-interest thing, but loans from the casino will sure have some catch. Today, we will discuss all the perks and shortcomings […]

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how to use free spins
Casino Games 27-11-2020

How to Use Free Spins: Pros, Cons, and Tips!

Here is all about how to use free spins. Free spins are, as you can guess, used by the online casinos to lure new customers and keep the existing users hooked up. Free spins are typically gifted when you sign up on a casino, make a deposit, or even given out as weekly gifts.  How […]

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hidden secrets of video poker
Casino Games 26-11-2020

10 Hidden Secrets of Video Poker that You Need to Know!

Video pokers enjoy as much popularity as pokies. However, video pokers enjoy special attention from competitive players who take it up as a challenge. Whereas, some players like to bring some skills to their game rather than relying on pure luck. If you want to get into video poker, here are hidden secrets of video […]

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betting lines explained
Casino Games 26-11-2020

Betting Lines Explained: A Quick and Easy Guide

Betting lines can seem intimidating to a beginner, especially if you are handling the sportsbook for the first time. Moreover, the wagering options vary with each sportsbook, and they have a compilation of their betting lines. This article aims at familiarizing you with the basics and some mumbo-jumbo of the betting lines. So, you will […]

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Online bingo
Casino Games 23-11-2020

Online Bingo: How to Play, Glossary, and Tips!

Bingo is a popular game in casinos, and it is super easy to play. Online bingo is not as popular as its offline counterpart, but it still enjoys a substantial fan base. You will also find some bingo variants online. And of course, you can enjoy a round or two of bingo from the comfort […]

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Holiday Spirits
News 23-11-2020

Holiday Spirits: Play’N GO Releases New Holiday Pokie

The holiday season is a favourite time for gamblers as the online casinos offer a bunch of holiday-themed games. And this year, Play’N GO has released their special holiday game on November 5, and it is inspired by a novel! The Theme of the Game The Game ‘Holiday Spirits’ is based on the famous Charles […]

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