The Complete Guide to Online Casino Australia Real Money

How do I find the best real money casino to play my favourite online casino games?

This is a question that most novice online casino gamblers in Australia tend to ask. You are at the right place to learn about ways to hunt legal online Australian casinos that deal in real money and allow Australian punters to play. In this guide, all your queries about online casino Australia real money will be answered.

The fact that many online casinos in Australia allow real money bets makes it one of the significant reasons Australians find it exciting to play casino games. When playing with real money, the Aussies feel the real rush of betting. However, the variety of online casino games for real money can leave you in a fix if you are entering the world of online casinos. Plus, it will be difficult for you to pick the online casino platforms where you can trust to put real money wagers on games because even they are plenty in number.

There is no need to panic. This complete guide has you covered. Read on if you want to choose the good games from the right real money casinos in Australia. All in all, discussing the apparent benefits and a few possible risks, we are here to give you a clear picture of why playing your favorite games at online casinos for real money is a good idea.

What is an online casino Australia real money?

online casino australia real money

Any gambling portal that permits real money play in Australian Dollars to all Aussie gamblers is a real money online casino. As a beginner in online casino games, it is best to make yourself aware of how things work.

First of all, to play any of the games that a casino is offering, you need to deposit money into your gaming account. It is then reflected as a virtual balance, which can be further used to bet on casino games. In most of the casinos, the minimum deposit amount for Aussie gamblers is $20AUD. The legal age to get yourself a deposit account to play at any Australian online casino is 18 years.

Online casinos allow you the benefit of betting on your favorite games from any location within Australia. You need to register to an account for your deposits and payments at an online casino- you will then be all set to gamble in the real money mode. An online casino with a real-money mode in Australia allows the users to bet on games in the web browser almost instantly from within a secure download client. Or, you can also use your tablets or smartphones to do the same.

The most reliable names in the offline and online gambling industry own and run today’s top online platforms for casino real money games. They are licensed by some reliable licensing authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, or Curacao Egaming.

The legitimacy of casinos real money gambling in Australia

Legalities concerning online gambling is not the same around the world. On the one hand, a few countries have clear rules and regulations; however, the legal status is more complicated for specific regions. So, is online gambling legal in Australia? There is a bit of confusion about this within the country’s online gambling community, which is why it has long been a point of discussion among Aussie gamblers.

The Federal Government regulates the Australian gambling industry. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 is only targeted towards the Australian gambling service providers. The Act was passed to prohibit them from advertising or selling online casino real money games to their country and others. However, players do not have to worry about legal disputes because it is strictly between the government and the websites. Australians can freely enjoy their time playing games at any online casino of their choice in real money without breaking the law.

Why play at the best online real money casino sites?

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If you don’t live anywhere close to a land-based casino, the only alternative you have to play your favorite casino games in real money is by registering at an online gambling site. Plus, it only takes a couple of moments to register, and you can head to betting for real money with your first deposit, which mostly gets processed almost immediately.

Adhering to strict dress codes, only playing at the hours when the land-based casino is open, id verifications every time you play- these are the inconveniences that Aussie gamblers don’t face when playing for real money of online casinos. You can play the online casino games of your choice at the comfort of your home and whenever you want to. If you like playing real money casino games while travelling, you can now use your mobile devices for it.

Both low and high rollers can have a terrific time playing casino games for real money- thanks to the extensive betting range that all the real money games offer. Most of the highly-rated online gambling websites at times offer the biggest pooled jackpots, which you can win with as little as $20AUD.

Let’s talk about the waiting time that casinos take for withdrawals. As far as the multi-million dollar jackpots are concerned, online casinos generally tend to pay out the wins in instalments every month. However, you will also find many online gambling sites are paying out your withdrawals in a single payment. How long does it take to process your withdrawals? While smaller casino payouts take only a couple of hours to get processed, larger withdrawals take up to a maximum of 48 hours to reach your hands.

How to find the right real money casino in Australia?

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Talking about online platforms to play real money casino games, Australians have access to plenty of options out there. You can easily get baffled by so many options, especially if you are a beginner. Thus, we have added a few significant points that will guide you to some of the most reliable online gambling websites, enabling you to focus on what matters, i.e., playing for real money.


Safety should top your list of priorities while looking for an online casino site to put real money stakes. It would be best if you were sure that the online casino real money you are planning to bet on is safe, i.e., whether a legit online gambling license verifies it. Don’t you want to ensure having an excellent online gaming experience without the risk of losing your privacy as a player? Other than the licensing part, there are two more things you need to check for optimum security while playing:

  • Like online shopping platforms, the best online casinos will have secure payment transfer methods and encrypt all your sensitive data.
  • Best casinos must operate under a third party regulation source, for example, eCogra iTech.

Deposit & Withdrawal methods:

You sign up and register your account on an online casino website to discover that they don’t have the deposit or withdrawal methods you prefer. Isn’t that ridiculously disappointing? So, be sure to check the available payment methods of each site well in advance to have an excellent start to your real money casino experience. E-wallets, prepaid cards, credit or debit cards, bitcoins, and cash transfer money orders are some of the payment methods you will encounter. However, Aussies are advised to use e-wallets for withdrawals and credit/ debit cards or e-wallets for deposits.

Once you have found a secure online real money casino site, check their processing time for both. You would want payment processes to be quick to be able to move immediately to playing the game.

Mobile Availability:

You can check out the real money casinos that have dedicated mobile sites to play on your smartphone. Then, your casino being mobile-friendly will offer an optimized mobile gaming experience for you.

Bonus offering:

Most popular online gambling websites offer a welcome bonus off with every sign-up to Aussie players. Apart from that, deposit matches, free bankroll, free pokie spins, cashback bonuses are among the fantastic promotions that players can access.

It is simple- do not pour in your money if you’re not getting some return. Bonuses are the thing that keeps the players’ drive going in a real-money gaming session.

Payout percentage:

While looking for online casinos to play with real money, focus on those that offer the best payout percentages, look out for frequent postings of high-payout percentages on the best real money casino sites, Aussies players are more likely to win a prize if you bet on a site with a higher payout percentage; always remember this.


Finally, it comes down to the variety of real money games that an online gambling site offers to its players. To avoid frustration before gaming, make sure that you are betting for real money on a site that offers the game of your choice. Remember that the best gambling sites have more than one variation to each game.

Top online casino real money games

Since many Aussie gamblers do not have regular access to the casinos on land, playing their favourite games for real money on online betting websites is entirely worth it. However, certain games seem to be popular and repeatedly played among Aussie gamblers for various reasons. There are-

Real Money Online Pokies

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ENOUGH- is not the word for Australian gamblers when we talk about online pokies. Those who want to enjoy their time playing online pokies for real money stakes have plenty of options that can keep them hooked.

The best online gambling platforms offer a truly fantastic selection of exciting titles that have different design variations. So much so that you are guaranteed to never run out of online pokie games to play in real money mode.

5 Reel pokies, the Classic 3-Reel pokies, 3-D pokie games, and Progressive Jackpot pokies are a few notable names among many online slot options that players can take for an online spin. All you need to Get yourself free spins using some of the casino bonuses you can use to play more pokies online. With no need for a gameplan, pokies are easy to play with chances of huge jackpots but, keep an eye out for the pokies with the highest payout rates because all are tipped in favour of the casino. So, find the right online casino, select your type of pokies game, and have fun spinning the reels.

Online Casino Table Games for real money stakes


Following are the online table game titles that Aussie gamblers looking for real-money games prefer playing frequently:

Online Craps:

Craps is an online casino game for real money that can potentially fetch you a reasonable sum of money, provided you are making smart bets. Named after how people play it on the streets, this online casino game has become increasingly popular among Australians because they can play with a low house edge and yet have the scope of winning some real money. Plus, the sheer energy & excitement at the craps table is undeniable. The game involves rolling dice to reach a 7 or 11.

Online Blackjack:

There is no doubt that online blackjack has become one of the most loved casino games for real money. It is the gamble in which you have the highest chances of winning big- thanks to some of the friendliest blackjack odds. Commonly known as 21, this classic card game is just as popular virtually as it is in physical form. With a high RTP rate and ease of playing, Aussie gamblers can spend hours on the online blackjack table.

Online Roulette:

Among the various online real money gambling game options, Australian gamblers consider Roulette to be one of the best. You can learn this table online casino game can also be learned quickly, and enjoy placing many low-risk bets. Remember to play online Roulette for free to learn how to play.

Video Poker:

You will find online video poker games for real money in different variations. It is one of the first casino games which got implemented online. So, you can only imagine it’s popularity among online gamblers in Australia. The difference between actual and video poker is simplicity. This strategic card game is mostly easy to play, many have jackpot opportunities, and the variations generally have a low house edge.

Benefits of Online gambling for real money in AUD

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International casinos may attract you more because they have universal acceptance in the online gambling industry, easy accessibility, and more game variation on their platform. Yes, it is hard to resist but, an AUD casino that accepts the Australian dollar has its benefits, especially for Aussie players. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are almost non-existent.

  • If you already have some experience playing on USD or EUR only betting sites, you must have noticed how heavy it is on your wallets. In casinos that only accept USD/EUR, players need to convert the deposit currency, which comes with a conversion fee of around 3 to 4 percent. For a one-time experience, this percentage may not feel huge but, combined with the regular transaction fees that players have to pay, and the amount can add up. Unlike these international gambling sites, AUD casinos don’t have this problem, and they cost you way less money.


  • In AUD online casino sites, you will have a clear understanding of how much you are betting. Unlike an international one, in a casino that takes Australian currency, judging the exact value of each of your bets will not count as one of your worries.


  • Have you been struggling with the payment methods while gambling on online casinos that only accept EUR/ USD? You will see that this will be the least of your concerns when you start playing for real money stakes on AUD casino sites. Online gambling websites that accept Australian dollars also give you access to payment modes that deal exclusively in AUD. For instance, in casinos that accept the Neosurf payment method, Aussie players will need to pay in AUD.


  • Looking for an online gambling site that accepts Australian currency does not necessarily mean that you have to limit your search to Australian casinos. AUD payments are taken by a few international casinos as well, meaning that without paying extra on the conversion fee, you can easily enjoy the perks of international online casinos.

However, when you have unlimited access to all the fun pokies in Australian casinos (in AUD) and the fact that AUD casinos’ downsides are almost none, there doesn’t seem to be much point grinding to find an international site that does.

Many of the casinos accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Possible risks of real money gambling

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Every gambler knows that every time they place a wager, there is always a chance of losing their stake. There is no certainty of winning as your playing games for real money that are mostly played predictions. You can not step into the online gambling world without accepting this fact.

Many believe that anybody who participates in real money gambling ends up becoming addicted. Even though gambling is addictive, not everyone gets that carried away.

You can avoid the downs. You need to set a budget limit and stick to it and stop if you ever feel like losing control; always remember that you can only risk as much as you can afford to lose. If you limit your spending and practice responsible gambling, it would almost feel like spending on any other entertainment form. You win some; you lose some!