The Complete Guide to Online Casino Australia Real Money

Real Money Casino Online has been perhaps one of the most frequent searches in recent months.

We have all been bored out of our minds at home and are looking for ways to engage ourselves online. And the possibility of earning money while doing the same is too hard to resist. However, it comes with its own set of concerns and insecurities. Easy money looks skeptical, especially when it is online and we cannot monitor the transactions physically.

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Real Money Casino: Top Online Casinos in Australia That Offer Real Cash

Let's get our facts straight and shoo our online gambling worries away. Learn more about online casinos and real money in Australian online gambling markets to be confident in playing and investing henceforth.

Can You Earn Real Money On Online Casinos in Australia?

With that taken care of, we understand there still might be several questions in your mind regarding the genuineness of online casinos and their payment policies. Let's have a look at the most important questions about money matters in online casinos.

In Which Online Casino Games Can You Earn Money?

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Most real money online casinos are completely about money-making. Each of the games they offer, right from pokies and slots to card and table games, involves money. Games like Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, and Keno earn large sums in short intervals.

The most rewarding online games, however, are gold and themed slots that are completely chance-based. The logic here is simple: the greater the number of participants, the lower the chance of winning. This means, the greater the luck, the higher the reward.

Are Online Casinos and Winners Rigged?

Now, when you read that online casinos do offer real money and cashouts, it's natural to consider the possibility of the results being rigged. A few Australian online casinos operate primarily by rigging, favouring a few users, or booking the entire profits for themselves by declaring non-existent winners. However, thanks to Internet Service Providers' strict regulations, such websites are soon identified and blocked.

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As long as you choose one of the referred and highly rated casinos to gamble with legitimate licenses and registrations, you can be sure to have a fair gambling experience with real chances of winning real cash online.

Is The Final Amount Lesser Than The Stated Reward Amount On Online Casinos?

Say your chances are fair and money is real; what is the guarantee that the fine print won't reduce the claimed hefty prices to peanuts? That's where we come in with the best and most reliable options of the mobile casino to choose from. Reputable casinos do have conditions applied, but every situation is transparent, and you know what you're playing for. So the final amount you see in your online casino wallet will be exactly what you were lured in for and exactly what will be transferred to your account (barring any transactional/currency exchange fees).

Online Casino Australia Real Money: Safe Transactions and Deposits With Real Money

We've answered your questions; now, let us also give you the context. How can we be confident when we say that an online casino is legit, offers safe transactions, reasonable deposits, and real money?

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It's because the online casinos that we vet out for you are all legitimately licensed. With the Casino Security evolution already in place, most casinos now offer various popular payment gateways, ones that you and I trust.

Before you can start playing, the deposits required are well-compensated with deposit bonuses that can be transformed into real money once you have played worth the mentioned amount. It makes the entire process extremely transparent and trust-worthy.

Online Pokies Australia: Real Money, No Deposit

Regardless of how specific the conditions are, the initial money deposit can feel bothersome to some beginner players.

To test waters or to learn casino games before beginning to gamble real money, there are several reasons you might want to start with no deposit and earn real money.

While most online pokies demand a basic deposit, some casinos free up a few of their slots and games to help get things started for you. Based on the casino reviews, we have listed a few. Check out some of the top ones below:

Bitstarz Casino


It offers 20 free spins for new players on any slots.

Get them at BitStarz Casino



It offers 25 free spins on select games like Avalon: The Lost Kingdom. It is one of the most popular online pokies in Australia among new players, and you can check out more exciting details about this casino here.

King Johnnie Casino

It offers 25 free spins after registration on best pokies like King of Kings.

Pokies Casino

Pokie Place Casino Logo

Offers 25 free spins on select games for new players like Wolf Treasure; you can complete registration later.

House of Pokies Casino

It offers ten free spins on all pokies on the platform.

Best Online Casinos Australia: Legal Real Money

For our gambling audience looking to explore more than just pokies and willing to go that extra mile of investment in deposits, we have a whole lot of amazing online casinos for you to choose from. These casinos offer sports betting too.

With this list, you can say goodbye to your concerns about these casinos offering real legal money. Each one is checked for licences, legitimacy, and security before adding the online casino's name to this list. Browse away and select the best place for you to earn real money on the internet.

BitStarz Casino

Offers up to $10,000 of deposit bonus offers that can be played with, in the place of real money, and used to earn more real cash.



Offers $2000 worth casino bonus offers package and several other rewards along the way to help you earn real money.

Loki Casino

It deposits and withdraws money easy with varied transaction options and lucrative deposit bonus offers of up to $100.


As you know by now, our list doesn't end here. You can explore more cool casinos with the assurance of earning real money on our top online casino's real money Australia list.

With that, we have cleared your concerns, answered your queries, and guided you by finding the best online casino in Australia that offers real legal money. We have done our bit; you can do yours by choosing one of these trusted casinos and gambling responsibly.

Transaction Methods in Real Money Casinos

You need to deposit money in any Australian casino account if you want to play in a real money casino. Australian casinos offer several methods by which you can deposit money. Some of them are as follows:

MasterCard and VISA cards

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VISA and MasterCard are both recognized across the globe. They are known for their security and efficiency. Their debit, credit and prepaid cards are accepted in every legitimate real money casino in Australia. 

Depositing money with MasterCard, VISA and Maestro (owned by MasterCard) credit, debit and prepaid cards is easy. Follow these steps for depositing money:

  • Log into your online casino account and navigate to the payments portal page.
  • Enter the desired deposit amount.
  • Choose debit, credit or prepaid cards as a deposit option.
  • Fill in the required card details (card number, CVV, account holder's name)
  • Click “Pay”.
  • Your bank will send an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the designated area in the payment portal.
  • They will process the deposit request, and they will transfer the money to your casino account.

The entire deposit procedure takes less than a minute. 

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The withdrawal of winnings with a VISA card is also a simple procedure:

  • Visit your casino account and click “Withdraw”.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Select a VISA card as a payment method.
  • Enter your VISA card details.
  • They will process your withdrawal at the expense of a small withdrawal fee.

Withdrawal with MasterCard is not that simple. As shown above, you can withdraw money from your casino account into your bank account directly via VISA cards. You cannot do the same with MasterCard and Maestro cards. 

You have first to withdraw the money into a third party- accounts like Skrill or Paypal and then transfer it from there to your bank account. Follow these steps to do that: 

  • Visit your casino account and click “Withdraw.”
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Select Skrill or any other similar transaction method available.
  • Enter your Skrill account details and confirm the withdrawal.
  • They will transfer the money to your Skrill account.
  • Follow the procedure to transfer the money from your Skrill account to the bank account connected with Skrill.

Keep in mind that some banks put a cap on credit cards for gambling expenditures. If you exceed that limit, the bank will decline your deposit request.


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POLi is one of the most popular payment methods in Australia. The service is free, fast and secure. Before you can deposit money in your casino account using POLi, you must associate your bank account with it first. Associating is a simple procedure, and you can contact your bank to do that.

Visit the payment portal in your casino account and choose POLi as a deposit method. Enter the desired deposit amount and other relevant details and confirm the transaction. The money will be automatically deducted from your bank account and added to your casino account in a matter of seconds. 

Withdrawal with POLi is as simple as depositing. Click “Withdraw” on your casino account page, enter the amount you want to withdraw, select POLi as transaction method and confirm. They will transfer the amount to your bank account immediately.


Neteller is another popular transaction method in Australia. That is why you will find this transaction method available in almost all Australian online casinos. This payment method is easy to use, secure and fast. It works like an e-wallet.

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First, open an account with Neteller. Then fund it with your debit, credit or prepaid cards. Choose “Neteller” as a deposit option on the casino's payment portal page, follow the instructions, enter relevant details, and they will complete the deposit.

The withdrawal process is also simple. After clicking on “Withdraw” in your casino account, choose Neteller as the transaction method. Enter the relevant details, and they will transfer the desired amount to the bank account connected with Neteller.

Neteller also issues unique ATM cards with withdrawing your winnings from any ATM.


The most popular online gambling transaction method in Australia is Skrill. It is quick, secure and easy to use. It works like an e-wallet, and the transaction procedure is similar to Neteller. 

How to Choose a Real Money Online Casino?

You must be careful when it comes to real money online casinos. There are a lot of scammers online that are ever ready to swindle money off you. You do not want to deposit money in a shady online casino because it will get stolen via a scam. 

There are some points you must keep in mind while choosing a real money online casino. They are as follows:


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Security must be the first thing on your mind when choosing a real money online casino. More specifically, website security. The casino website must have at least 256-bit encryption. It will prevent hackers from stalking you on the website. 

They will not come to know about your gambling activities on the website: how much money you have deposited, which games you have wagered in, how much you have won, and so on.

Transaction methods

A real money online casino must provide a variety of transaction methods. Choose only those online casinos that allow deposits and withdrawals via all the popular online transaction methods in Australia. 

It means the casino must have facilities to process payments via banking cards (debit, credit and prepaid cards), e-wallets (Skrill or Paypal or other popular e-wallets) and online banking service of your bank.

Software Providers 

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Choose only those real money online casinos whose games developed by professional and trusted casino game developers. Some such developers are RTG, Netent and Playtech. 

Mobile and Website Optimization 

Any quality online casino must be mobile-optimized to play on the go on their smartphones and tablets. The websites must also be properly optimized so that players can have a smooth gambling experience.

Choose only those casinos whose website pages are uncluttered and are of the proper size. Avoid those casino sites that take too long to load or have interruptions in between gaming.

Gaming Library

One huge advantage of an online real money casino over a brick-and-mortar casino is the number of games. A physical casino can have a limited number of games because of space constraints. A physical casino's game library is equal to the number of game tables and slot machines it can fit under its roof. 

On the other hand, an online casino can have more than 1000 games for real because it doesn't have a physical constraint. So, always choose an online casino that has a huge gaming library. It should have a variety of games for real. Otherwise, what is the point in online gambling?


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Online casinos also offer more bonuses than physical casinos. Some of the online casino bonuses that will help your deposit are Welcome Bonus, Referral Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Multiple Deposit Bonus, Match Bonus, Payment Type Bonus, Free Spins, Tournament Bonus and Cashback Bonus. Check whether an online casino offers these bonuses before you choose to gamble on it.

Customer Support

Navigating an online casino website can be tricky, especially for people who are new to online gambling. They can have many questions relating to the opening of casino accounts, depositing, gambling activities, bonuses and withdrawal of winnings.

The number of questions increases if real money is involved as people are rightfully more cautious with their money. So, an excellent online casino must provide robust customer support to help out such gamblers. Assistance is your fundamental right, so don't bother yourself with an online casino that doesn't have 24/7 customer support.

Online Real Money Casino Terminology

There are specific terms used in gambling which have entirely different meaning the regular world. These terms used when referring to gameplay, game rules and bonuses. It is important to know them for a better understanding of the world of casinos and gambling. Some of them are as follows:

Bonus- Freebies offered by online casinos to attract gamblers and keep them interested in gambling.

Hand- Refers to around in a casino game or the cards in your possession during any point in a game. 

House edge- The mathematical advantage that the casino has over the players in most of the casino games. It is expressed in percentage.

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Pay Table- A chart that determines how much you can win in a casino game. A paytable is constructed after taking into account your wager and other aspects of a game.

Payline- The winning pattern in a reel pokie. It can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line on the reels or a zig-zag way. If you hit the right symbols in the right places on the pay line, you win the jackpot.

Jackpot- The maximum amount you can win in a reel pokie game. The jackpot amount is always over a million dollars.

Types of Real Money Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer many bonuses that boost your deposit. They increase your total payroll, allowing you to play more hands and games, which ultimately increases your chances of winning big. Some online casino bonuses that will boost your deposit at a real money casino are as follows:

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus is a bonus that you will get as soon as you register yourself in an online casino account. The Bonus can be in the form of cash or credits or free spins, or all of them together. 

Referral Bonus

You will get this Bonus if you refer that particular online casino to a friend, family member, or acquaintance. There are referral links and codes which you can send to your friends via text messages.

Deposit Bonus

You get this Bonus if you have deposited money in your online casino account. The deposit can be for the first time or the hundredth time. A variant of this Bonus is the multiple deposit bonus. In that variant, you get a bonus if you have deposited a certain number of times.

The Deposit Bonus can be in any form. It can be cash or credits or free spins or all of them together.

Payment Type Bonus

Some online casinos have a preferred payment method. If you deposit through that preferred method, then you receive a bonus from the casino. Again, this Bonus can be of any form, but usually, it is in cash.

Free Spins

Free Spins Bonus is a common bonus offered by online casinos. It is a popular bonus among players as it gives them a chance to win big in pokie reel games without having to wager a single penny. Free Spins are rarely given independently. It almost always comes in conjunction with another bonus. 

It is a lucrative addition to your deposit. For example, if you deposit $1000 in your casino account and receive 100 free spins as a bonus, your total payroll will be $1000 + 100 free spins. The addition makes your payroll much more substantial and increases your chances of winning.

Tournament Bonus

Online casinos often hold tournaments in specific games. Some casinos offer a bonus if you join one of the tourneys. The Bonus can be in any form. 

Match Bonus

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This Bonus is given to players for merely playing a game. Sometimes regular players are absent from the gambling scene for quite a few days for many personal reasons. When they return after the hiatus, the casino offers them a Match Bonus for wagering in a particular game. It is done to ensure the loyalty of the regular players.

Cryptocurrency Bonus

Some players use cryptocurrency to deposit money in their casino accounts. Cryptocurrency has become quite popular as a deposit method. Riding the tide, some casinos have started offering bonuses on cryptocurrency. If you deposit in cryptocurrency, then you become eligible for this Bonus.

Cashback Bonus

Some casinos offer Cashback Bonus offers to help you out in case you lose money while gambling. Suppose you availed of a Cashback Bonus of 50% on a deposit of $2000. You wagered in a game and lost the bet. The casino will then return 50/100 x $2000 = $1000 to you as cashback.

Sometimes there is a cap on a Cashback Bonus. For example, if the cashback bonus limit is $500, the maximum amount you will get back is $500 irrespective of the Cashback Bonus percentage and your deposit.

Best Real Money Casino Games

You can choose the game you want to play online in a real money casino. Aussie players play these games every time. As a suggestion, we have put together a list of casino games best played with real money.

These games are very popular with Australian gamblers, and they are as follows:

Pokie Games

You can play online pokies as it is the top-rated in Australia, and with reason. Pokie games have attractive visuals and sound effects and are not heavily dependent on strategies and large returns. If you are lucky enough, you can win a multi-million dollar jackpot with just a click.

Pokie gaming is the most casual and fun that gambling can get. Pokie games are mostly reel games or variations of poker (called video poker).


Online Blackjack Real Money Australia

Blackjack is a sought-after casino game for those players who want both brains and luck in a game. The game is easy to understand and takes less time to play, so it is ideal for people who have a busy schedule. Blackjack also has a low house edge meaning the players stand to win more.

Blackjack's sole point is to have a hand whose value is higher than the dealer's hand but doesn't exceed 21. Initially, the players and the dealer are dealt two cards. Then you perform actions to achieve a hand value that is lower than 21 but higher than the dealer's and other players' hands.

Another way to win the game is by having a Blackjack hand, an Ace, and any value card of value 10.


This game is fast-paced and can keep you at the edge of your seat. The potential wins from this game are also high. So both your adrenaline and pockets are charged by this game.

In roulette, you have to bet on numbers from 1 to 36. The numbers are printed in a table format on a roulette table. You can bet on:

  • A particular number.
  • Random blocks of numbers.
  • Numbers belonging to a specific colour
  • Only the odd numbers from 1 to 36.
  • Only the even numbers from 1 to 36.
  • Numbers on a horizontal or vertical line

After you have bet on your preferred numbers, the game operator spins a wheel with a tiny white ball in it. The ball will fall in a slot in the wheel after it has stopped spinning, and if it falls in a slot that has your betted numbers or pattern, then you win. If not, you lose.

You need a chance to win, as this is a game of pure odds.


Poker is a timeless casino game and is loved by most gamblers. It requires both luck and strategy to win at poker. All poker variants are based on the standard poker game, which is five-card-draw poker. 

You are dealt five cards initially, and you have to perform actions to make your hand a winning hand. In between the activities, you have to bet in the betting rounds. All the players' bets are assembled in the centre of the table, known as the pot. The winner gets all the accumulated bets in the pool.

 There are ten winning card combinations in poker, and they have been ranked from 1 to 10. Each card also has a rank. Whoever has the highest ranked hand wins the game.

Progressive Pokies

Progressive Pokies are regular pokie games that do not have a fixed jackpot amount. The jackpot amount keeps increasing with each unsuccessful spin. For example, a player spins the reel and doesn't get the pay line's jackpot pattern. A percentage of that player's wager is added to the jackpot amount.

This goes on with every unsuccessful spin, and the jackpot amount keeps increasing. The player who hits the jackpot pattern wins the pooled jackpot amount.

You can win big in Progressive Pokies.


Baccarat is an iconic and respected casino game. This game relies on your cognition, memory, and ability to make correct decisions quickly. There is, of course, the luck factor like in any casino game, but it plays a small role in baccarat.

In baccarat, you first have to make a bet. You can either bet on the player or the banker or a tie. After you have betted, both you and the banker are dealt with two cards each face down. A hand in baccarat is the sum of the two dealt cards. 

The sum of those cards must be nine or less; otherwise, that hand is ineligible to play. When that happens, the left-hand number of the double-digit sum is dropped. For example, you are dealt an eight and a 4. The total of these cards is 8 + 4 = 12. The left number of 12 is dropped, so the actual value of that hand in baccarat is 2.

If you have bet on the player, you need to have a higher value than the banker's hand for you to win. If you have bet on the banker, the banker's hand must be higher in a matter to you for you to win. If you have bet on a tie, the importance of both your hand and the banker's hand must be the same for you to win.