How to Play Multi-line slots: An Epic Guide

How to play multi-line slots? Fret not! This guide will give you an overview of multiline slots! Slots have been a favourite with gamblers since time immemorable. Gone are the days when slots used to have those handles that set off the rumbling reels and cascaded coins!

The trendy slots now have multiples lines, three, five, or more reels, and offers innumerable winning combinations! Multiline slots can be found in vivid themes on online casinos. They have attractive bonuses along with engaging gameplay. 

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1. What are Multiline Slot Machines?

Unlike the classic slot machines with a single payline, the newer online versions have multiple betting lines. This provides more chances of winning at slots. Moreover, some multiline slots have 20, 30 and even 100 paylines!

But this does not mean that multi-line slots are better than classic slots. Multi-line slots come in a larger variety, catchy themes and cool bonuses. Additionally, they feature numerous betting lines on one spin offering you more chances of winning.

2. How Do Multi-Line Slot Machines Work?

Although it may seem like these multiple paylines offer more winnings, this is certainly not the case. Higher number of paylines land you more wins but the payouts are low. You can go through the RTP to get an idea of the likelihood of winning, it still relies upon luck. 

3. What are paylines in a slot?

how to play multi-line slots

Paylines, also known as betting lines, are the patterns of either single or multiple lines visible on the reels that denote where the symbols need to halt to get you a payout. The wins are computed depending on a specific combination of symbols that line up on these betting lines for every spin.

Before you start playing or bet any real money, you should always check the paylines. This is important as the paylines determine your likelihood of landing a win and also the payout amount. Besides this, paylines may also provide bonuses like free spins.

Nowadays, the latest versions of multi-line slots have more than just classic horizontal paylines. Depending on the game, there are zigzag, diagonal and other jagged paylines. Some players may find it hard to follow on a rapid multi-line slot.

Hence, it is vital that you check all these details before playing any multi-line slots as specific patterns and combinations might win you some bonuses.

4. How to play multi-line slots?

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First of all, you should check the paytable for every slot machine on online casinos before you go ahead and bet real money. You should check all the information related to pay lines and payouts. You will also get to know if the slot pats from right to left or both ways and the number of symbols needed to create a winning line. 

How to play multi-line slots? Here is the answer to this million-dollar question!

  • Deposit cash into the online casino and pick a slot
  • Set the amount you want to bet. Each slot has a different minimum and maximum bet. It is always smart to start with smaller amounts. You should always set a limit and beware of your bankroll.
  • Pick the number of lines you wish to play. You bet max if you want to choose all the lines. It is recommended that lessen the betting amount rather than pay lines if you have a smaller budget. Also, more pay lines would increase your chances of winning.
  • Once you have all these things set, hit the spin button and hope that you hit the jackpot!
  • If you win, you can use some of the bonus features to increase the winnings. Some cool features include multiplying your wins by two, three, or more times. You are lucky if you come across such slots and win!
  • If you are happy with what you have won and if you can withdraw the amount, you can take the payout from that casino’s banking page.
  • Remember, bet only the amount that you are winning to lose. You have equal chances of losing as you do of winning. 

5. Some bonus features

how to play multi-line slots

Now, as you know how to play multi-line slots, here are some popular bonuses that you will find!

  • Wilds

Wilds replace or rather substitute all the regular symbols to help you complete a winning line. They can vary according to the theme. You will find a variety of wilds for different slots. Note that wilds will not replace the free spins, bonus icons or scatters.

  • Scatter icons

Consider yourself lucky if you manage to land a scatter icon. The cute critters or some catchy logos depict the scatter symbol. And they are cool because they can get you a win even if it does not line up a win. Scatters also get you amazing bonuses like free spins and bonus sessions. All you have to do is get the needed scatters in one spin and activate them.

  • Progressive jackpots

Many online multi-line slots have progressive jackpots built into the game. They offer regular rewards along with a special jackpot that keeps piling up with each spin. Moreover, some of the slots even have multiple progressive jackpots. 

In addition to this, there are many more bonuses and exciting features like multipliers, free spins or free rounds that get triggered occasionally. 

We tried to cover all the aspects of multiline slots like how do they work? And how to play multi-line slots? Always remember that slots almost need no gambling skills and relies immensely upon luck. Slots should be played for entertainment and not for making money. 

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