How to Play Multi-line slots: An Epic Guide

Have you been itching to play online slots and casino games such as Play'n Go? Don't worry! This guide will give you an overview of all multiline slots and online slots games. Slot games, slot machines, and line slots have been a favourite among gamblers since time immemorial. Gone are the days when all slots machines used to have those handles that set those reels a rumbling for every spin, and if you won, the cascading coins!

The new trendy video slots machine now has multiple lines and three, five, or more reels. This allows players to have an innumerable number of winning combinations and wagering requirements! Multiline slots can be found in vivid themes, even in online casinos. They have attractive bonuses and bonus features along with engaging gameplay. 


Explaining Multi-line Slot Machines

Earlier, multiline slots were called fruit machines where one had to get a similar fruit symbol on a single line. Unlike the classic slot machine with a single pay line, the newer online video slot machines have multiple betting lines. This provides much better odds for a combination of symbols that can make you win at multiline slots. Most slot games out there will be played from left to right and can have different symbols. Moreover, some multiline slots still have a single pay line, but most have 25 pay lines, and sometimes even more than 100 pay lines!

But this in no way means that multiline slot games are better than classic slot games. Multiline slots come with a larger variety of symbols, pay lines, catchy themes, cool bonuses, and even a deposit bonus. Additionally, the difference is that they feature numerous betting lines per spin, offering you a better chance at finding winning combinations every spin.

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Does having many pay lines offer better winning combinations in online slot games?

From the outside, it may look like slots games with multiple pay lines offer more winnings. However, this is certainly not the case because even though the many pay lines are a better winning combination and can land you more wins, the payouts per game are low. You can refer to the RTP to get an idea of the likelihood of winning at both online casinos and multiline slot machines, but it will still rely heavily upon luck. 

Why is paying attention to pay lines so important in slots?

Paylines, also known as betting lines, are the patterns of either single or multiple lines visible on the reels that denote where the symbols need to halt to get you a winning combination payout. The wins are computed depending on a specific combination of symbols that line up on these multiple pay lines for every spin.

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Before you start playing or bet any real money, you should always check the many pay lines available. This is important as the pay lines determine your likelihood of landing a win and the payout amount. Besides this, pay lines may also provide bonuses such as bonus spins or bonus rounds in the slots games.

Nowadays, the latest multiline slots have more than just classic horizontal pay lines played from left to right. Depending on the game, several lines go in zigzag, diagonal, and other jagged payline directions. Some players may find it hard to follow on a rapid multiline slot game, such as 25 pay lines and multiple symbols, in the casinos.

Hence, you must check all these slots details before playing any multiline slots as specific patterns and combinations might win you a bonus. Some have a max bonus limit, match bonus, and a deposit bonus when signing up that you need to know about.

Preparing to play multiline slots

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First of all, you should check the paytable for every slot machine when you're inside online casinos before you go ahead and bet real money. You should check all the information related to their payline and payouts. You will also get to know if the slot machines pat from left to right or both ways and the number of symbols in one line needed to create the winning combinations. 

So, how do you play a multiline slots game? Here is the answer to this million-dollar question!

– Deposit the cash

First, the player needs to deposit cash into the online casino site and pick the slot titles. Some casinos will also give you a deposit bonus if you try it out for the first time.

– Set your betting value

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  • Then, the player will need to set the amount they want to bet for the slots game. Each slot has a different minimum and maximum bet. It is always smart to bet with a smaller number. You should always set a limit and be aware of your bankroll when playing slots.

– Select how many line slots per game

  • Pick the number of lines you wish to play in the slots. Players will need to bet the max amount if they want to choose all the lines. You can even choose a single payline, but it is recommended that you reduce the betting amount rather than the number of pay lines for the slots if you have a smaller budget to bet with. Also, more pay lines would increase your winning chances.

– Now it's time for the spins

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  • Once you have all these things set, the players hit the spin button and hope that the spins get on the right payline and hits the jackpot!

– Increase your winnings using the bonus games and bonus spins

  • If you win, you can use some of the bonus features to increase your slots' winnings. Some cool features include multiplying your wins by two, three, or more times. You are lucky if you come across such online slots and win!

– Withdraw your winnings from the slots games

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  • If you are happy with what you have won and withdrawn the slots' amount, you can request the payout from that casino's banking page. Remember that everything you do is legal and that you aren't using any external software because these online casinos have their rights reserved not to give you your payout if they have a valid reason. Also, make sure that your deposit bonus was actually put to use.

– Don't listen to others; bet only what you can in a slots game

  • Remember, you should bet only the amount you can lose when playing slots or any betting game. You have an equal chance of losing as you do of winning. 

Here are some bonus features you find in multiline slots

Now that you know how to play multiline slots games, here are some popular bonuses that have been around for many years!

– Wilds

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Wilds replace, or rather substitute, all the regular symbols to help you complete a winning payline. They can vary according to the theme and number of lines. You will find a variety of wilds for different slots. Note that wilds will not replace the free spins, bonus icons, or scatters in games.

– Scatter icons

Consider yourself lucky if you manage to land a scatter icon. There will be a cute critter or some catchy logo that depicts the scatter symbol in these games. And they are cool because they can get you a win even if it does not line up a win. Scatters can also get you an amazing bonus such as free spins, bonus sessions, and others during your multiline games. All you have to do is get the required scatters in one spin and activate them.

– Progressive jackpots

Many online multiline slots have progressive jackpots built into the game. They offer regular rewards along with a special jackpot that keeps piling up with each spin. Moreover, some of the slot games even have multiple progressive jackpots. 

In addition to this, there are many more bonuses and exciting features like multipliers, free spins, or free rounds that get triggered occasionally when playing multiline games.

A few additional questions about multiline slots

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– What's the trick to playing slots?

Some multiline slot machines can be tricked into creating a glitch that can help you win, as was found out by people over many years. However, if you are found out, the casino has its rights reserved to ban you and not pay it. Also, there are no tricks to playing slots as a lot of it depends on your own luck.

However, there are certain things you can do that are claimed to help you win more. Of course, these are not always accurate and will not work for everyone. Here is some advice you can follow.

Playing with higher denomination slots will give you a higher payout percentage.

When playing slots, you can play games using different currency denominations – pennies, nickels, quarters, and dollars. If you were to play in the dollar slot games, then the percentage of your winnings will be higher as well. However, this doesn't mean that you should be playing only dollar slots because the higher payout percentage comes to a higher risk factor. If you lose, you will lose more money as well.

Select a game type that fits your personality and budget

When you get into slots, you need to have a goal and a method of playing in mind. Your budget should also be a factor as there are some games you can play with a small budget and some that are impossible to win with a small budget. This is because of how the games are designed, and the chances you get inside the games can vary greatly between them. For your slots, are you in search of big wins once in a while or smaller wins with a smaller chance of losses as well? This will completely depend on the player's personality – whether they are cautious or go in head-first without a care for the money spent.

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Also, not all games are similar because independent game creators make them. This is especially true in online slots, of which there are many. Because there are so many of them, the developers try to change their formats and jackpots to see which ones work best. Therefore, you will need to know which ones are more suited to you. For example, a three-reel game will have more big jackpots available, but your chances of getting them will be quite low. So you can easily win big, but you are also more likely to have long losing streaks.

Play within a budget and stop playing once you reach your limit

We need to be real here. When you go to play on slot machines, more often than not, you are going to lose the money that you initially put in. Yes, you will have your wins, and you can even win very big, but those times are not always as plentiful as the losses you will have to endure.

When you go online or to a casino, you need to limit yourself not to go overboard and spend more money than you have with you. To help with this, you should identify how much you are willing to spend at the casino on slots and then not take any more than that. You need to select which games you are going to play that fit your play style and won't make you lose your money all at once.

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Let's take an example. If you have $250 on hand when you log in to the slots, you are better off sticking to the pennies or nickel slots. This is because if you were to play on dollar slots and have a few losses, those would quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. If you decide to try it anyway, then it is recommended that you keep a limit of loss in check. Once you hit the $100 mark of losses, it's best if you quit that slot game and move on to another denomination slot game.

– Should you play all lines on multiline slot machines?

The more lines you play in a multiline slots game, the higher your chances of winning will be. However, the more lines you play, the higher the bet per spin is going to cost. Almost all professional players will know how many lines to play for each type of slots game. You need to bare in mind that only some slot games have variable pay lines, while others are fixed. So if there is a fixed payline of 30, and your bet is 1 penny for each payline, then you will be paying 30 pence for every spin that you do. As you keep playing, this cost will keep adding up, and you will only have a limited number of spins, depending on your budget. If you want to keep playing for longer and give yourself more chances to win, it is recommended to bet on fewer lines.

– Is there a way to cheat on slot machines?

There have always been ways for a player to find loopholes for slots. There have been cases where they increase the bet per spin, went past the max bonus, got extra free spins, and so on. However, most of these get blocked eventually as what was done in the years past. During the early days of brick-and-mortar casinos, people found out that they could insert fake coins to start the game, shaved coins that would be returned to them, or a string attached to the coin which could be inserted and pulled back out once the slot game started.

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Of course, measures were put in place once they found out that these activities were taking place. For example, for the shaved coins or pieces of metal that were being placed inside, the coin compartment was made transparent so that you could see the coins inside. This way, if they saw a fake coin or a piece of metal, they would know that a scammer was in their midst and take necessary. Nowadays, this is much harder to do with video slots but can still be pulled off by certain software hackers. If you are found out using any software, your IP will be banned permanently from the site.

– Is there a strategy to winn at line slots?

As you play, you will learn to identify which slots suit your personality. There is no set strategy as the slots are mostly based on luck, and so you can only follow some advice such as ‘bet enough to reach the jackpots' or ‘start small to win big.

We tried to cover all the aspects of multiline slots, like how they work and how to play. Always remember that slots almost need no gambling skills and rely immensely upon luck. Slots should be played for entertainment and not for making money. 

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