Online Blackjack Real Money

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games for card games on the internet. Every online casino you come across has a blackjack table and countless gamblers trying to win their luck. Thanks to technology, now you don't need to step outside to enjoy a game of online blackjack. 

You can play online blackjack sitting right on your couch! And we have created a selection of the best online blackjack Australia casinos to help you out. 

Online blackjack is growing popular day by day in Australia. Now is the right time to indulge your luck and try to win some real money! We wish you the best of luck.


Online Blackjack for Serious Gamblers

Pro gamblers who want to play a few hands can choose a casino from our list. All of them have an online blackjack for real money without exception. Our team has checked the user experience of every site and even tested a few games. We only include a casino on our list when we are sure of its performance.

The online blackjack casinos have attractive bonuses to make the deal more appealing. You can safely deposit your money using different ways like cards or bank transfers. The platforms use strong encryption and security protocols to keep you safe always. You can also make withdrawals using user-friendly ways. 

Apart from pro gamblers, our casinos are even ideal for beginners. You can learn how to play online blackjack and even play a few demo games for practice. After that, hit the table with a sound blackjack strategy to take on your opponents. 

Apart from online blackjack, you can also try your hands on several pokies and interesting games.

Online Blackjack: Guide On How To Play and Tips

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For as long as the world can remember online blackjack, the game has been associated with money. It belongs to the global family of banking games and has been a traditionally high-stakes gambling game between dealers, traders, and money lenders.

Naturally, with the advent of online casinos and online gambling, online blackjack has created a stranglehold position in the web casino markets, especially in Australia. Let's learn more about this super fun game of cards and why it has been taking the online casinos by storm.

Online Blackjack Australia: Popular Online Casino Game

Online blackjack ranks among the most played games in online casinos in Australia. Blackjack also is one of the games with the highest rewards in most reputed online casinos. What is it that makes this game such a mega-hit among online gamblers? Find out below!

  • Quick games keep players engaged until the end and make money making easier than that in other long, drawn-out games of cards.
  • Basic rules are consistent across countries, so the players don't get confused when they hop casinos.
  • The possibility of playing ‘practice hands' on online casinos makes the entire gaming experience much more user-friendly for beginners. They can get the complete hang of the game before betting their hard-earned money on the game.
  • To multiply the love that people have for the game, blackjack games are often coupled with exciting offers and free spins for slots.

Online Blackjack Rules: How To Play Blackjack On Online Casinos?

Online Blackjack has pretty much the same rules like the one with real cards in hand, except, here the dealer is a machine. It would be best if you remembered that while casually playing Blackjack over a drink with friends may have been quite fun, online, the game can be ruthless, with no one to remind you to pause, breathe, and think before you wager.

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All the more reason why you need to be clear with your basics and have some strong strategies in mind before you gamble. Oh, and mathematics helps!

Ground Rules

  • To each, his own. Players don't compete against each other. Instead, every player's score stands against that of the dealer. The game is about taking risks to improvise your own hand.
  • The objective is to have a blackjack (two cards that add up to the perfect score of 21) or a greater score than the dealer.
  • In the case of multiple players with scores higher than the dealer, the player with the score closest to 21 wins.
  • Any score above 21 is a bust, just like any score lower than the dealer.
  • If a player and the dealer both score a blackjack, it's a push, and no one wins the game.
  • Most online Blackjack pays 3 to 2 or, in some cases, 6 to 5. The latter is a risky bet. This means, if you win against the dealer, for every $2 you wager, you win $3.
  • Insurance bet involves betting on if the dealer has a blackjack and pays 2 to 1, meaning double of what you wager, you will win.

Step-Wise Game Play Blackjack Online

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Step 1: Create an account on a trusted online casino that offers online Blackjack and deposit the money.

Step 2: Join a game with the smallest wager possible (for beginners).

Step 3: The dealer deals two cards to each player. One of the cards dealt with the dealer is placed face up – for every player to see and make a decision based on their hand.

Step 4: The dealer takes a peak and declares if Blackjack (perfect 21) is scored. If not, the players can hit or stand or choose from the options of splitting, doubling down, and surrendering. In splitting and doubling down, a player has to wager more money to get more cards and increase the chance of scoring a blackjack.

Step 5: When the players who are already not busted choose to stand, the dealer plays the hand—finally, the hand on the table with a value closest to 21 wins.

Step 6: The winner earns 3 to 2 of the total amount wagered to create that hand. This money can be used to play further or be withdrawn. Some online casinos also reward with free spins and other offers.

Free Blackjack Games: Tips To Play On Online Casinos

Free online blackjack rules are technically pretty simple, but it all comes down to the strategy. While maximizing the odds of winning, the game heavily relies on a player's ability to do mathematical calculations. Still, not every player needs to be a John Marchell to win decent amounts through the game.

The tips mentioned below are no award-winning formulas but building blocks to a solid strategy, which, when kept in mind, increases the chances of a safe blackjack game.

Base Your Game On The Dealer's Open Card

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Smaller numbers indicate great chances of a bust. Anything between 8 through Ace will mean you need to level up your game.

Know When To Hit

You need to know when to hit. Hitting just because you are falling short of a few numbers can lead to a bust. Only hit when you have a soft hand.

Don't Get Swayed By The Insurance Bets.

When a player shows Ace, an insurance bet is offered to win if the dealer scores a blackjack. The best-case scenario of going for an insurance bet is when you yourself have hit a blackjack. Other than that, it may only give a greater benefit to the house.

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There are both pros and cons of playing Blackjack online. Blackjack's game, where fellow players are physically present, has a lot to do with intuition and observation. As opposed to that, when you're online, it's literally just you, your cards, and the calculations of other cards. The rest depends on your experience and chance. Do you want to try out something else, you can also try your hands at online pokies.

If you're a blackjack lover, particularly, you must go for online casinos that have immersive interfaces and can offer you maximum deposit bonuses. The greater the virtual money you have while playing Blackjack, the more you can wager your way to winning.

Don't worry; this is not where we leave you. You can find online casinos that give you exactly all of the above right here.

Play Online Blackjack: 10 Blackjack Terms To Know

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  1. Blackjack: A poker hand consisting of two cards, one being an ace and another any card within the value of 10. In this game, players try to approach 21 but never exceed it.
  2. Bust: When the player has a hand total of 21.
  3. Box: It is where the bets are placed; space in front of every player.
  4. Chip Down: To place a bet lower than the amount that is placed at the last hand. Similarly, to chip up means to increase the bet compared to the last hand.
  5. Count: When one keeps a mental record of the cards already dealt in the game, it predicts future card trends.
  6. Double: A double down is when a player places a bet of your original amount once again and, in return, receives an extra card.
  7. Hit: It means to draw another card.
  8. Hard Hand: A hard only has one total value, i.e., a hand with no ace.
  9. Sitting aka Stand: To not take any more cards.
  10. Monkey: Having a 10-value card.

Blackjack Games: Top 5 Blackjack Variants

The following are the top 5 forms of Blackjack that are widely popular among players:

Classic Blackjack

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As the name suggests, classic Blackjack is ranked as the most widely played form of the game worldwide. It is often also referred to as European and American Blackjack.

However, there are quite a few differences between the two, especially in doubling down and splitting. The main difference is that while in European Blackjack, the dealer does not get their hole card unless they have decided how to play their hand. In American Blackjack, the dealer receives their hole card before the player's decision.

This variant's popularity is credited to several reasons: easy to learn rules, low house edge, and more social. If you consider this the standard version, there are high chances of winning some money.

Classic Blackjack is played against the dealer, where each player tries to either reach or be closest to 21 without exceeding it. Everyone at the table gets two cards & can either ‘hit' or ‘stay.' Whoever (including the dealer) receives cards totals to more than 21, they' bust,' losing their hand.

Point to remember: The house edge number of 0.5% might seem appealing, but it doesn't mean players can take its full advantage.

European Blackjack

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In European Blackjack, the players get a better odd than the general standard (American version). Here you have two decks of cards. It means that, unlike other blackjack game versions where one game involves a dozen or more decks, the cards are more foreseeable. Other than that, the dealer standing at soft 17 also attracts players to this variant.

The house edge in this version is almost 20% lowers than the classic counterpart- 0.39%. In European Blackjack, player blackjack vs. dealer blackjack ends in a push or a tie. As a player, you can only double down on nine, ten, or eleven instances, resulting in blackjacks paying 3:2. Despite all the upsides, the number of restrictions in this game variant is more than Classic Blackjack.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

It is a side bet that has become so popular that Perfect Pairs came to be known as one of the most crucial blackjack varieties. This version runs with classic blackjack rules, only with a betting twist. It is a great scope to win big for players for whom an excellent betting strategy trumps a good playing strategy.

The rules are simple, and if you've played classic Blackjack, there isn't any learning curve for you. Imagine making a side bet at the start of each hand. As the name suggests, this bet gambles on the possibility of your first two dealt cards being of the same number. It seems like a longshot. Wondering what kind of payout you're can expect?

  • You get 5:1 for pairing two cards of the same value in terms of either face card or the number.
  • For a match of two cards (of a different suit) with the same colour and value, the payment is at 10:1.
  • The jackpot wins of 30:1 comes with hitting a “perfect par” that includes a pair of cards with an identical suit and rank.

Face up 21

Online Blackjack Real Money Australia

With this variant of the blackjack game, the players have a lot of power, but some of the house's upsides are simultaneously removed. The most significant advantage that players have in this version of the game is that the dealer's two cards are dealt and exposed. It means gamblers have incredible insight into the card's future trends and bet accordingly during the hand.

As mentioned above, it not all good news in this game variant. The overall house edge is way lowers than the other mentioned blackjack varieties- 0.69%; in the face-up 21, you get to double down only on 9, 10, and 11 value cards (like European Blackjack). Also, a dealer blackjack knocks player blackjack when the dealer hits on soft 17, and this game only pays even money.

Bonus Blackjack

If you have already aced the Classic Blackjack form, bonus blackjack will be a piece of cake for you because they are more or less the same game.

The goal is the same- players attempt to beat the dealer without going beyond 21 with their two cards. However, similar to perfect pairs, bonus blackjack offers the scope for a side bet that needs to be placed before receiving the cards. If a player hits Blackjack, the pay increases as per the bet placed and the house rules; if not, you lose the side bet amount.

Free Blackjack vs. Real Money Blackjack

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Free Blackjack and real money blackjack can be equally fun to play, depending on whether you are just trying your hands at the game or seasoned. Many online casinos offer a range of blackjack games, mainly for first-timers. It is almost evident that free blackjacks help gamblers improve their odds without investing money. It is an excellent means to practice before you start playing online blackjack for real money.

On the other hand, in real money online blackjack, players deal in stakes, and the odds are mostly in favour of the casino. However, it is for this risk-taking excitement that gamblers play for real.

History of Blackjack

To date, the exact origin of the blackjack game remains unknown. However, some believe that the game's roots go far back to ancient Rome. Even though Romans love gambling, this is often dismissed as just a theory. Other scholars opine that it may have originated in France, in games like Quinze and Vingt-et-un (translating to 21).


This card game, Blackjack, reached the American shore via French colonists in the 18th Century, and by the 19th Century, the game had evolved and become famous in America. However, the rules of Blackjack back then were very from contemporary Blackjack. 18th-century Blackjack only allowed dealers to double.

The transformation of the name from 21 to Blackjack only happened in the 20th Century. To promote the game, casinos started offering bonus payouts. For instance, if an ace of spades was dealt with a jack of clubs or spades (Blackjack), players got paid extra. The bonus pays out became less common with the popularity of the game. However, the informal name got stuck to the game.

Even though it is impossible to say where it all started, Blackjack has evolved over the years. Today, different countries have different versions of the game; even the rules have changed as per the gambling legislation.

Australia Online Blackjack FAQs

  1. Is live online Blackjack rigged?

You may have heard some players saying it is rigged because they feel when the cards cannot be seen to be dealt, the legitimacy of the game is doubtful. However, at online casinos, Blackjack is not rigged. Live dealers can transform non-believers.

2. Can I talk to a live blackjack dealer while playing the game?

Technically, players are not visible to the live blackjack dealers, but they can read messages sent by the players and reply verbally.

3. Is it better to play full table blackjack?

It depends. Playing the full table is always better if you are an advantage player. That way, both you and the dealer can easily (comparatively) pocket the chips without the pit crew having much knowledge about your winnings. Plus, there is the scope for hand interaction games, offering an even better advantage.

4.The dealer always wins in Blackjack. Why is that?

Once a player busts, the dealer wins. Plus, the dealer has a hidden card that prevents players from making assumptions. That's where the house edge originates. Moreover, players can eliminate these issues to a great extent by learning blackjack strategies.