Online Roulette: Top Tips and Tricks!

If you think that betting on a vivid spinning wheel is the easiest thing in the world, you might be mistaken. It can be agreed that roulette is undoubtedly simpler than baccarat and blackjack, but a strategy might help you win big. The luck element is dominant in roulette, but it would be wise to keep a few tricks up your sleeve.

The Top Online Roulette Tips and Tricks

Most of the gamblers just go ahead and bet on any random outcome. Consequently, they lose big time and sometimes walk home with empty pockets. So, Aussie Gamblers bring you a set of online roulette tips and tricks to help you win!

Online Roulette

1. Look for trustworthy casinos

This is a crucial point to remember before we head on to online roulette tips and tricks. Before you start playing, ensure that the casino sites are authentic, trustworthy, and deliver fair services. The easiest way to identify a genuine site is to look up its license and contact information. You can also check out the site’s reviews and ratings. There is an overwhelming variety of online casinos, and you need to find the right one. If you do not bother to check a site’s authenticity, then it does not matter what tricks you use; you will end up losing.

2. There are no biased wheels online

If you are a regular at casinos, then you might have heard how some numbers show up more than others at a roulette. This holds true at offline casinos where the wheel can be tampered with. The little balls can be made to stop at certain numbers by altering its course with micro dents. Moreover, the flat-looking wheels may not be flat. Even a slight tilt is enough to make sure that a ball stops at a few chosen numbers.

However, this is impossible in online roulettes. The online casinos work on Random Number Generator, and all the outcomes are a result of this. So, if you think a flaw or bias might help you win millions, it’s not true. Instead, a well-planned betting strategy might be of help.

3. The More Numbers, The Better

This is a vital point because we often forget we have other numbers and not just one. You can lose more if you bet only on one number. Instead, try making smaller bets on more numbers to reduce the risk of losing. The logic behind this is that the chances of that one number turning up are pretty slim. You will lose or win the entire bet. On the contrary, if you raise smaller bets on several numbers, it is likely that one of them will show up after the spin.

4. The Gambler’s Fallacy

Interestingly, even the pro gamblers fall for this one. Suppose you repeatedly lose for several spins in a row. And you keep thinking that a huge win is coming up because you deserve it after so many losses. Also, that is how it works, right?

No, it does not work that way. This is what we call ‘Gambler’s Fallacy.’ You might not take home millions at one go just because you lost so much money. Moreover, do not chase your losses; you might end up losing even more. At the end of the day, online roulette (or any other casino game) depends on luck and chance. So, avoiding gambler’s fallacy is probably one of the important online roulette tips and tricks.

5. Know the betting strategies

You might have heard how some gamblers follow a particular betting strategy. And it is always smart to have a few betting strategies for reference. Some gamblers will tell you that a certain betting system works for them. But it may or may not work for you. Additionally, the betting systems are not meant to help you make millions. They just help you decide and place your bets smartly and cushion your losses.

Moreover, there is no surefire system that works with offline or online roulette. So, you need to experiment with different betting systems and figure out which one works best for you.

6. Take your online tricks offline

Online casinos may be convenient with fun and interactive websites and ease of use. But for a change, you can hit that casino in your city and enjoy with real dealers and players. Moreover, you can use (or test) all your online roulette tips and tricks at a live casino too.

7. Set borders and stick to them

Just like other casino games, online roulette is a game of chance. And like all other games, it might cost you a lot if you do not limit yourself. While playing roulette, you should not bet more than you are willing to spend (or afford). It is wiser to set up a strict limit and stick to that to avoid empty bank accounts.

Additionally, roulette is as addictive as any other casino game. To avoid spending too much time, it is smarter to set a time limit as well.

8. The casino has an edge

And lastly, one of the crucial online roulette tips and tricks is – the casino has an edge. Of course, the casinos mean business and certainly do not want everyone to make millions. The casinos were not invented to make your rich. The casino does not win every game. Many gamblers walk out with huge rewards. But the losers always outweigh the winners.

In any case, roulette indeed does not depend 100% on chance. With the right betting strategy and practice, you can lower your losses and even win substantial rewards. Having these online roulette tips and tricks up your sleeve will give you some certainty that you can recover losses.

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