The Top 7 Online Casino Slots Tips and Tricks!

Are there any online casino slots tips and tricks to win? If you are a casino player, this question must have haunted you. But slots are heavily dependent on luck, and strategies are of little help. But just like any other casino game, even slot machines can be mastered by regular practice. Besides this, knowing the game in and out will go a long way toward developing your experience.

It would be best if you research different types of slot machines, payouts, multipliers, and casinos before you go ahead and put real money at stake. Today, we bring you a list of online casino slots tips and tricks that you reinforce with your homework.

Top Online Casino Slots Tips and Tricks

how to play progressive slots

1. Try out the free slots

The key to winning slots or any casino game is to practice and hone your skills. And most of the online casinos offer free slot machines that you can try out before signing up. Moreover, some even provide those casino coins so you can keep practicing. You do not have to deposit any real money at these casinos. You can try out all your tips and even discover different types of slots. This is one of the best online casino slots tips and tricks as it will get you acquainted with multipliers, different types of machines, betting systems, and even payment systems.

2. Grab the free offers

You must be aware that the online casino business is highly competitive. The casinos have to provide tempting offers to attract the crowd to their casino. In this, free spins on some popular slot machines. Even the existing customers are lured with loads of free spins. You should definitely grab these offers as they are the best way to try out slot machines for free. If you manage to win big, you can even consider registering at that casino.

3. Switch the machines

online casino slots tips and tricks

If you are a regular at the brick-and-mortar casinos, then you might have heard of “loose machines.” This is a term that refers to the machines that payout more often due to some flaws. Over the years, casinos smartly used these loose machines for marketing effect. These machines were effectively placed away from exits. So, if a player wins big at a loose machine, he creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere as he walks towards the door. This is why slot players keep switching machines.

Meanwhile, this cannot be directly applied for online casinos as there are no doors, exits, or loose machines. But if you have been playing at the same machine for quite a while without winning, then it’s time to move to another device. Or you are likely to lose your bankroll.

4. Look for authentic casinos

Perhaps, this is a crucial point that you should keep in mind while registering at any online casino. Always make sure that the casino site is fully licensed and provides fair play. Find out customer ratings and reviews before depositing any money. If you do not make an effort to check the license and contact information, then all the tricks are useless. You will keep hitting the slots and lose all your money.

5. Go for the random slots

online casino slots tips and tricks

When it comes to casino jackpot slots (online and offline), there are two kinds of the jackpot – random slots and the progressive jackpot slots. The random slots are, well, random, just like the name. Meanwhile, the progressive jackpot slots pile up the reward depending upon how many players play on that machine. Sometimes, many machines are interlinked, and the progressive jackpot keeps growing.

Obviously, nobody would like to miss out on a chance of becoming a millionaire with a spin. And this makes the progressive slots tantalizing. But they come with a catch. Just like we mentioned earlier, all slot machines are not the same. And the casinos are smart enough to make the multi-million jackpot harder to reach.

So, playing a random jackpot is a safer and smarter bet. The chances of hitting the jackpot is higher in random slots. Even though the rewards are smaller, you are more likely to win. This is one of the best online casino slots tips and tricks you can find online.

6. Know the machines

By now, you know that all slot machines are built differently. Now, let us add the volatility factor to it. All slot machines do not pay equal amounts. Some slots will pay out more frequently than others, but the payouts will be low. These are “low” volatility slots.

On the contrary, the highly volatile slot machines will pay out less often, but the winnings will be high when they do pay out. The trick here is to place low bets on the less volatile slot machines and try making your way to the jackpot. You can know the volatility of a machine by checking the paytable.

7. Make smarter bets

online casino slots tips and tricks

You might have heard that you should bet max on slots. Considering that most slots have multiple pay lines, betting more on each will definitely increase your winnings. But in the case of online casinos, there is a Random Number Generator that makes each event equal. In other words, betting more will not increase your chances of winning. However, some slots have added features that can multiply your high bet and even offer free rewards.

Remember, these tricks will not help you win millions overnight. These online casino slots tips and tricks are meant to get you acquainted with slot machines, betting smart, save your bankroll and cushion your losses. Additionally, remember that slots (like other casino games) can be addictive. If you do not hold yourself back at the right moment, you will end up zeroing your bankroll.


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