The Top 7 Online Casino Slots Tips and Tricks!

Are there any online casino slots tips and tricks to win? If you are a casino player, this question must have haunted you. But slots are heavily dependent on luck, and strategies are of little help. But just like any other casino game, even slot machines can be mastered by regular practice. Besides this, knowing the game in and out will go a long way toward developing your experience.

It would be best to research different slot machines, payouts, multipliers, and casinos before you go ahead and put real money at stake. Today, we bring you a list of online casino slot tips and tricks that you reinforce with your homework.

Top Online Casino Slots Tips and Tricks

how to play progressive slots

Try out the free slotsThe key to winning slots or any casino game is to practice and hone your skills. And most of the online casinos offer free slot machines that you can try out before signing up. Moreover, some even provide those casino coins so you can keep practising. You do not have to deposit any real money at these casinos. You can try out all your tips and even discover different types of slots. This is one of the top-rated and the best online casino slot tips and tricks as it will get you acquainted with multipliers, different types of machines, betting systems, and even payment systems.

Grab the free offers

new online casinos australia

You must be aware that the online casino business is highly competitive. The casinos have to provide tempting offers to attract the crowd to their casino. In this, free spins on some popular slot machines. Even the existing customers are lured with loads of free spins. You should definitely grab these offers as they are the best way to try out slot machines for free. If you manage to win big, you can even consider registering at that casino.

Switch the machines

If you are a regular at the brick-and-mortar casinos, then you might have heard of “loose machines.” This is a term that refers to the machines that payout more often due to some flaws. Over the years, casinos smartly used these loose machines for marketing effect. These machines were effectively placed away from exits. So, if a player wins big at a loose machine, he creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere as he walks towards the door. This is why slot players keep switching machines.

Meanwhile, this cannot be directly applied to online casinos, as there are no doors, exits, or loose machines. But if you have been playing at the same machine for quite a while without winning, then it's time to move to another device. Or you are likely to lose your bankroll.

Look for authentic casinos


Perhaps, this is a crucial point that you should keep in mind while registering at any online casino. Always make sure that the casino site is fully licensed and provides fair play. Find out customer ratings and reviews before depositing any money. If you do not make an effort to check the license and contact information, then all the tricks are useless. You will keep hitting the slots and lose all your money.

Go for the random slots.

When it comes to casino jackpot slots (online and offline), there are two kinds of the jackpot – random slots and progressive jackpot slots. The random slots are, well, random, just like the name. Meanwhile, the progressive jackpot slots pile up the reward depending upon how many players play on that machine. Sometimes, many machines are interlinked, and the progressive jackpot keeps growing.


Obviously, nobody would like to miss out on a chance of becoming a millionaire with a spin. And this makes the progressive slots tantalizing. But they come with a catch. Just like we mentioned earlier, all slot machines are not the same. And the casinos are smart enough to make the multi-million jackpot harder to reach.

So, playing a random jackpot is a safer and smarter bet. The chances of hitting the jackpot are one step higher in random slots. Even though the rewards are smaller, you are more likely to win. This is one of the most potent online casino slots tips and tricks you can find online.

Know the machines

slot machines

By now, you know that all slot machines are built differently. Now, let us add the volatility factor to it. All slot machines do not pay equal amounts. Some slots will pay out more frequently than others, but the payouts will be low. These are “low” volatility slots.

On the contrary, the highly volatile slot machines will pay out less often, but the winnings will be high when they do payout. The trick here is to place low bets on the less volatile slot machines and try making your way to the jackpot. You can know the volatility of a machine by checking the paytable.

Make smarter bets

know your limits while betting

You might have heard that you should bet max on slots. Considering that most slots have multiple pay lines, betting more on each will definitely increase your winnings. But in the case of online casinos, there is a Random Number Generator that makes each event equal. In other words, betting more will not increase your chances of winning. However, some slots have added features that can multiply your high bet and even offer free rewards.

Watch out for pay lines

How do you use this online slot tip to improve your chances of winning? First of all, you have to know what pay lines are. It is best to focus on this because these are the lines on which your payouts are dependent, provided you land a winning symbol combination on them. This might be your biggest chance to win a hand at an online slot game.

The key is to take advantage of the pay lines as they directly impact your chances of winning on a particular spin. So, hear out new players- always look for slots where you can employ more pay lines to improve your chances of winning while playing slots.

There are primarily 2 categories of pay lines- fixed and adjustable. Most of the best online casinos in the market offer slots featuring the adjustable pay line variation.

Measure your maximum bet limit

play penny slots

Always remember that playing slots online is majorly a matter of luck more than strategies at play. If you are a regular, you already are aware of this. However, new customers must essentially set a betting limit and make sure that they only bet as much as they can afford to lose.

Ask any professional gambler, and they will tell you that setting a bankroll and betting limit for yourself is only one part of the online casino winning strategy and tricks. The betting range of an online slot machine compulsorily affects your casino account.

So, new players should do a full check of the wagering ranges of the slot games they are planning to play. Find slot games that fit your budget and know when to walk away.

Get a membership for online slots

There is a reason why online slot machines are so popular in Australia. After all, Aussies love playing the slot. No wonder there are online casinos that offer membership options (also to new players) like slot clubs. The immediate question that will haunt you is what are the perks of getting such memberships.

Joining such special membership clubs can get regular players access slot games with exciting bonus offers and free spins. This is one of the best live casino slots strategy out there for a big win. 

Relax your way into slot games

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 Wondered why online slot machines offered by online casinos are custom-made for fast play? It is easy to get captivated by their pace and keep betting till you exhaust your bankroll because the slot games are designed to realize the faster the spins, the more money new players put at stake. Please be sure to avoid this trap.

A clear mind is vital when it comes to tips for playing slots in online casinos. So, you are advised to sip your favourite drink, take your time and spin with ease every time.

Who is the software developer?

Do you think checking the game developers for slot machines is overrated? Think again because your overall slot gaming experience can either be ruined or enriched depending on the software partner. The brand matters when we talk about quality and exciting features. Not all game providers offer big wins.

You can expect to make it big while playing slots from providers like Big Bass Bonanza or Pragmatic Play, and you will see the difference, especially in terms of bonus features and payouts.

Mind the pay tables

multi line slots

Never forget to peek at the pay tables when you are hunting down the best slot option online. Every slot game on digital platforms have a unique paytable, and the variation can potentially make a major difference as far as your winnings are concerned.

A slot paytable can give you a quick brief about the entire game, including bonus features, multipliers, scatters and wilds, if any. If you study it closely, you may also know how the bonus works and gets activated and find out the totally free spins you can trigger. The final page of paytables tends to explain pay lines and indicate the RTP percentage that is offered.

It also applies in the case of progressive jackpots. You need to check their activation rules to improve your possibilities of earning bigger payouts when you get lucky.

Always bet max

Are you worried as a first-time player that most digital casinos lure players to place maximum slot bets? However, if you know the rationale behind it, you will probably not question it further. The betting max is especially true for multiple pay line slot machines because players can withdraw big on more than one line winnings.

The RNG (random number generator) being in place ensures that no matter how much you bet, your chances of slot winnings are equal. It is not a mandate that only max bets fetch good win amounts. So, always remember to play within your budget limits and gamble responsibly.

3 Major Bonus Types for playing slots on an online casino

More players are being attracted to online gambling every day. One of the biggest reasons for that is the attractive bonus rounds that online casinos offer to first-timers for playing casino games. The same goes for online slot games.

Whether you are a new or a regular player, playing an online slot also comes with bonus rounds. That enables gamblers to spend not more than they can afford to lose when and simultaneously take advantage of these bonus offers.

No-deposit bonus for slots

Do new players get no deposit bonus or free spins?

This bonus round is perfect if you are want to play slots on a new gambling website. Using a no-deposit bonus essentially means that you can play slots without investing real money. However, bonuses have a catch attached to them always, i.e. wagering requirements.

These bonuses are not per spin offers. Instead, the number of free spins players can avail of no deposit bonus is predetermined by the house. Even though you don't need to risk your funds here, you can withdraw your winnings with a no-deposit bonus for real money casino games. At times, while you play online, the welcome bonus also comes in no-deposit bonuses.

Deposit Bonus for online slot games

Most gamblers get pulled towards the world of digital gambling for the thrill of real stakes. This bonus type is ideal for those players who love to play online slots for real money. As the name suggests, players did not receive any free spins with this bonus to play a slot game. They only add on as a percentage to your bankroll, allowing you a hand at the slot game without forcing you to exceed your budget limit.

Here too, Aussie gamblers need to fulfil specific wagering requirements, as is the case with no-deposit and welcome bonus. So, be sure to look for a deposit bonus every time you play an online slot game for real stakes. You can also check our list of the best digital casinos for this.

Loyalty Bonus offers on online slots.

Like many other casino games, players are also rewarded with loyalty bonuses for online slots. These bonuses are the best chance for those gamblers who either play for high stakes or frequent online slots. However, the golden rule of all bonuses applies here as well. Before participating in a slot game, one must check the specific wager amount and the number of times the bet has to be placed to be eligible for withdrawing payouts.

Why play higher denomination slots?

If you are new to playing p, varying betting options and terms can be mind-boggling. In that case, you need to have a clear idea of how higher denomination work on slots and what is in it for you.

The work high should automatically unravel the best part about high denomination slots, i.e., chances of higher payouts. Compared to ordinary slots, they offer a higher maximum wager limit. Now, coming to the question- why should you go for slots with a high denomination? The answer is simple. Be it land-based or online casino, when you're playing slot games, it is ideal for placing max bets. That is where the wins of progressive jackpots and higher multiple wins are. Even for smaller bankrolls, this can prove to be a profitable trick in the long run.

Best paying online slots of 2021

australian no deposit casino

Every slot lover dreams to find the best online slots that can maximize their chance of winning. Determining the best option is fairly easy. The online slots with the best payback percentage, i.e., RTP (return to player) rate, are proven to better the player's chance of winning one of the most popular casino games. It is basically the percentage of the total slot bet amount that the house pays back to the gambler.

Beginners tend to think that every slot machine is the same, and the only difference is in the bonus and graphics of online slots. This is where they make a big mistake. You can only hope for the best odds in your favour if you choose the slot machine correctly. The one that pays out more than other online slots is the right choice to improve your best odds of victory.

Slot machine tip to determine best online slots by RTP

Return to Player is mostly measured between 1 to 100. Ideally, players are looking for a slot machine whose RTP rate varies between 92 to 97 per cent, at the minimum. However, if you are a regular at online slots and wish to earn more real money, it is best to go for a slot machine that offers nothing less than a 96% RTP.

The higher the payback percentage of online slots, the better the chance is of winning a spin.

Following are a few examples of the best online slots with a high RTP rate:

Kings of Chicago:

pokies spins

Here we have a 5-reel slot machine designed by Net Entertainment with no bonus rounds but offers free spins. The RTP rate of this 5-pay line slot machine is quite handsome – 97.80%.

On the one hand, this slot machine's design is simple, but on the other, the gameplay comes with a twist- there aren't any reels. Instead, you have a set of cards, and to generate payouts, you need to find poker hands. Free spins rounds give up to 30 spins with a betting range fitting players with high, medium and low bankrolls.

Mega Joker:

Short by just one per cent, the mega joker is that 99% RTP rated slot machine that features a progressive jackpot. Despite being one of the new online slots in the market, it is no surprise that this one has become a favourite among gamblers, irrespective of whether it is a basic 3-reel classic slot machine with no bonus or free spins.

Mega Joker has five pay lines. The superb combination of random progressive jackpots and the staggering RTP percentage makes this slot machine a sure hit for slot lovers.


With a decent RTP percentage of 97.20, it counts as one of the older video poker slots developed by NetEnt in the online gambling market. Even though the graphics are dated, they are still appealing to many players- not to mention that it is a 5-reel slot machine with twenty fixed pay lines.

Do you get free spins on this one? Yes, plus some additional features like random wilds and stacked wilds. To use free spins in your best interest, visit this guide.

Vegas Dreams:

When you think of gambling, you are bound to be reminded of Vegas since it is the global casino capital. Even though the graphics of Vegas Dreams are pretty basic, it is considered one of the best casino games offering a big winning potential. You can bet with as less as 0.01$ per spin, making it ideal for enjoying the action with any bankroll.

This is a 20 pay line and 5-reel slot with 15 free spins (3x multiplier).

Demolition Squad:

real money pokies in australia

This is one of NetEnt's developed casino games that score high on free spins, i.e., ranging from 10 to 50 with a 3x multiplier to the wins. Players find the demolition squad slot to be extremely entertaining. It is also due to the higher probability of winning with an impressive 97.10 RTP and 2.9% house edge. The wagering range starts at $0.40 and goes to a maximum of $200.

With 40 pay lines, this 5-reel slot also has to scatter symbols and demolition wilds. This cartoon-themed casino game is fun to play but doesn't have bonus rounds for players.

Wolfpack pays:

The minimum betting limit of Wolfpack Pays is $0.40, and the maximum is $80/ spin. However, the biggest casino news on this one is its 243 ways to win (pay line) and a 97.75 RTP percentage with a picturesque background.

NextGen has designed these 5-reel pokies with free spins after every reel win, unlike the usual trend. However, the fun quotient for this one is average.

Guns n Roses:

Net Entertainment developed Guns N' Roses outruns every other high RTP slot on this list because it is extremely fun to play with just about the right RTP of 96.8 per cent. This 20-pay line and 5-reel casino game come with a bonus and free spins rounds.

Named after a popular rock band, players can avail up to 10 free spins and choose a bonus game along with attractive multipliers, stacked wilds and expanding wilds. What is even more interesting is that in Guns N' Roses, certain bonuses get activated completely random. Plus, the graphics are fantastic.

Sinbad's golden voyage:

The theme is inspired by the movie Sinbad (1973), and it features an impressive 97.10 RTP percentage with 164 pay lines. Talking of free spins, you get a total of 7 free spins on every reel in addition to expanding wilds and reversed stacked symbols. Symbols on this reel like a giant bird, Sinbad's ship or an anchor identify as high paying symbols.

You can spin this 5-reel slot with a minimum of 1$ to a maximum of 250$ betting amount, which is higher than most (on both sides) on our list.


NetEnt being a market leader as far as developing online casino games is concerned, has resulted in several high RTP slots. One among them is Blood Suckers, with a 98% RTP percentage along with 25 pay lines. This 5-reel slot is the very best in terms of theme, impressive graphics as well as a low minimum wagering limit of $0.25/ spin. The upper side of the betting range is $50.

You can expect decent payouts from the base game. However, you are most likely to withdraw the biggest wins by employing the 10 free spins that the slot offers.

Ooh, Aah Dracula:

Like all reputed slot machines, this one also works on random number generators. With an RTP rate ranging between 96-99 per cent, Ooh Aah Dracula is among the most popular 10-pay line 5-reel online slot. The RTP percentage you can expect depends on your betting amount for five spins. You can always bet the maximum for the better chances of winning a higher RTP percentage.

You also get access to a lucrative 15 free spins with benefits like extra wilds. Plus, you can enter a progressive jackpot of up to 5000x of your bet line. Players don't miss out on any fun with as low as a 0.10$ bet or a 500$ bet on every spin.


Remember, these tricks will not help you win millions overnight. These online casino slots tips and tricks are meant to get you acquainted with slot machines, betting smart, save your bankroll and cushion your losses. Additionally, remember that slots (like other casino games) can be addictive. If you do not hold yourself back at the right moment, you will end up zeroing your bankroll.

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