A Complete Guide on How to Play Keno

Keno is similar to a game of the lottery and depends heavily on chance. Most of the casino regulars will tell you that keno is the most underrated game. If you have a look at the Keno table, it will remind you of Bingo. Because it has 1 to 80 numbers arrayed in a table, and the players have to choose 1 to 10 numbers.

But how do you play keno? We will discuss the game with its rules and tips in this article!

1. The History of Keno!

Keno originates from China, which was brought into the United States by the early Chinese immigrants around the 1800s. The original Chinese keno had 80 Chinese characters. But, they were all replaced by Arabic numerals in the US.

Each number was denoted by the name of a racehorse in Nevada for a long time. Due to this, the game came to be known as racehorse keno. In 1951, the horses’ name vanished, owing to the tax on off-track betting was passed. The operators certainly did not want the game to be considered as betting on horse races. Even today, many casinos call each game session a “race.”

Owing to this enticing history, most of the casinos in Nevada have keno lounges. In these lounges, numbered balls are blown out through an air blower, and winners are decided. Some casinos in the Midwest have live keno lounges.

2. How to Play keno?

There are many game variants, such as keno 2 3, but all of those games follow the same basic principles you find in a regular keno game. It is essentially a game of lottery where you can win only with a chance. It is a relaxing game where the wager amount is small, the win money is small, but the fun is unlimited.

The keno card

Play keno once you know the rules. It’s very easy. You are presented with a card that has many numerals on it. Traditionally, the numbers are from 1 to 80, and it is so even now. A typical card consists of 10 columns and 8 rows. The card will specify every detail and action allowed in the game, like how many numerals one can pick, how many games one is willing to play, the wager amount you have selected, and whether you have chosen to place an away bet or a spot bet. Gambling is fun with this.

Spot Bet

This is the most basic form of bet in the game. Each numeral you choose on the card is called a keno spot. You can select as many random spots within the allowed range to play.

Way Bet

This is a more complicated form of bet placing. Instead of picking random numbers across the keno card, you select a group of numerals. Your chance to win becomes better with a way bet, but playing keno becomes complicated. This wager is named because it gives you many “ways” to win with the same ticket. You can win a ticket with this strategy.

You have to select at least one numeral to play the game and win the ticket. The odds of winning the game are based on the number.

Playing keno

After you have been given your card, you have to choose 15 numerals from the 80- number card to play. Some games will allow one to pick only 10 numerals to play, but regular play usually allows one to choose 15 to 20 numbers per gambler. Pick them carefully, and pick only those that your intuition says will be a part of the winning numbers.

When you have selected your preferred spot or ways and fill in the other details and put your wager money, it is time to submit your ticket (the other name for the keno card). The caddie will look at your ticket and give a computer-generated version of it when you start to play.

Winning numbers are drawn.

You have got your printed keno ticket, and your job is done. All you have to do is wait and see whether your selected number matches the winning number when you play.

The number is drawn at random, and you have to match them with your chosen number. If it is a 20 number game, then 20 numbers will be drawn. The numerals are drawn once every n minutes. They will match each spot with the draw-numerals. The more you hit, the more you get. The number of matched numerals will determine your total winnings, the number of games you are gambling, the money you have paid on every selection, and the casino paytables.

Here are some trivia on gambling:

  • Players played the classic keno with numbered balls. They were put together in a transparent, circular container. They have spun around, and then about 20 numbers were drawn at random.
  • However, in online casinos, different procedures are followed, and some even have unique features.
  • The gamblers are free to choose their number, and the software draws any 20 random numbers and decides the winners for better.
  • In keno, the payouts rely on how many numbers are drawn to match the player’s cards. Of course, more matched numerals mean a bigger payout.
  • The payouts vary from platform to platform, and hence, you should check out the paytable before betting.
  • There is something called quick pick in keno games. In quick pick, you allow the computer to choose a set of numerals for you.

3. Starting a Game of Keno!

This quick step-by-step guide on how a game goes will give you a better idea of how to play the game.

  • When you start the game, you will either get a card or table that displays the 80 numbers.
  • Now, you must place bets on the numbers that you believe will show up during the draw.
  • Typically, the players can choose up to a maximum of 10 numbers. But some online casinos can allow you to choose 15 or 20 numbers.
  • Make sure you go through the paytable before betting. Also, check the odds and rules!

Online casinos offer quite a vivid experience that makes keno fun. Some keno games have cool themes and cartoons that make the game quite attractive and engaging. It does not matter which game you select; the basic rules remain the same. The betting requirements, range, and payouts may differ. The simple gameplay appeals to beginners. And mostly, if you like slots, Bingo, lottery, or roulette, you should give keno a shot. Gambling at top casinos will help you get varied bonus offers and your odds.

4. Some keno strategies you should know!

By now, you must have realized that keno is a game of chance and requires no special skills. The outcomes of it are random and depend upon your luck. So, even if you develop a strategy, it does not affect the odds much. But it is always smart to have some design or tips to follow when you are gambling.

Out of those 80 keno balls, if 20 are drawn, then there are 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 possible combinations! So, your chances to get the numbers right are quite low!

If you play at casinos, you might have noticed some players betting on numbers that have not been drawn yet. These are the cold numbers. On the contrary, the numbers that have just shown up are referred to as the hot numbers. Some players keep track of the hot numbers and bet on those. These are not exactly strategies; they are more like patterns or trends.

Some players like to bet on successive numbers like 7, 8, 9 or 23, 24, 25, and or 1 2 3 1. They believe that one or more of those successive numbers will show up at the drawing time. However, the number of sequences does not impact the outcomes in any case.

Meanwhile, the majority of the players place bets on their lucky numbers or favourite numbers. These can be considered styles or patterns, as the numbers’ order does not have any mathematical advantage. You get to win if luck favours you. Your odds of winning a prize are purely based on luck and not strategies.

5. Some keno betting tips!

You cannot control the random outcomes much, but you can always see to control what you bet! Managing your bankroll effectively can ensure that you do not empty your pockets and have a fun game. Here are three tips you should always remember –

  • Claim the bonuses that the casino offers.
  • Do not deposit more than you afford to lose.
  • Never try to recover your losses.

It does not matter whether it is an online casino or an offline one; keno is the same everywhere. You will notice that the online versions are a little faster than live ones. Moreover, some even offer quarter and dollar.

So, this was a quick guide. You can try out for free on online casino websites before you go ahead and put real money at stake. You can see to wager on keno 2 3 and other variants if you wish. The casino offers plenty of bonus offers where you can start gambling to get the highest prize. Choose the best online casino in Australia you want and start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers can I choose from a Keno ticket?

You have to pick a minimum of 1 number ( the minimum pick is 2 numbers in some casinos), and the maximum can be anywhere from 10 to 20. The casino decides the maximum pick. You are free to choose as many numbers as you want between the lowest limit and the highest limit. If you want to increase your match probability, then you should choose the maximum amount of numbers.

How are keno games segregated?

Since there are no hands, a game is determined in minutes. For example, a game can run for 10 minutes. At the end of that period, the casino will draw the winning numbers. You have to complete your actions within those 10 minutes.

Is there a foolproof strategy?

No. There is no such strategy. Your luck entirely drives your play and draws your winnings. If you are lucky, most of the numbers on your ticket will match the winning numbers.

Why is keno so popular?

It has the highest casino house edge of all the casino games. The odds of winning are also not encouraging, yet keno is very popular among players. This is because it is relaxing, and it is a fast-paced game. It does not require you to memorize complicated equations and hand combinations to win. It is a lottery-based game and completely dependent on luck.
A keno game also doesn’t last long, and you can play many games in 2 hours. Statistics have shown that gamblers want soft and quick games, and keno is exactly that.


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